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Nick, and all. I finally got to the new site. I'm not sure how. I was doing a search under g mail for those things marked CLL and this came up. I just posted that I was only seeing administrative posts , which was true the first two times I came here. This time I discovered that to get to CLL one does not click on home, one needs to click on communities, and that support is for HU, not CLL. I suspect that will be a little confusing until people get this sorted out. going to Home gives you a message that there has been no activity, so I don't know if that will include CLL related things at some point or ???? I just tried to post and chose general discussions as a category and got a response that the tag is confusing. When I clicked on confusing it changed to no tags, so I don't know whether this will go through.

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Hi PK...sooooo good to see you! ;-)

All I get now is yellow server error banner...when I log in it goes to profile page 'New' and I can't get out of that page ...

Broke and more broken...


Some advice, use with caution. One of the problems eople find when websites change is that atrefacts of the old one get left in their browser cache. It is possible to clear your cache and everything sorts itself out. The caution comes because you will clear your cache of all pages in it. However, you can do it without losing saved userids, bookmarks and cookies.

Has anyone considered that some of the problems being exerienced may be solved by this?

I've ad this happen with two different websites i'm involved with recently, one i updated and a user reported the new menu option only occured on some pages, ceared his cache... hey presto!



Hi Rob

Thanks for your suggestion can you explain the ways of doing this?

. Early on we were having to hard refresh several times a day to gain access or a current picture while the site was wobbly.

CTRL + letter r. Often did the trick for me and revealed improvements as they were made by HU. However the drop down bar is still on in the community home page confirming a server error and the page does not provide a feed of recent activity.


Further to the fix Rob mentioned, here's a How To on refreshing the browser cache for common browsers:

The browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera and Safari are all covered. Note it recommends Ctrl+F5 for most browsers, as this forces the local cache to be updated with the latest information from the server.

There are some good utilities such as CCleaner (free) for Windows that enables you a bit more fine grain control on what you clean:

Download site:

How To:

I've been using CCleaner for years and it is a very good product. Be warned, if you do a full clean-up, you'll lose all your custom settings, e.g. open and pinned tabs in Firefox. I mostly use Linux, but even with my limited Windows use, I often end up recovering around 1GByte of disk space (that's a lot when you are tight on free disk space). You need to run CCleaner for all the common users on the PC plus the Admin account, as each has their own, separate cache. As the article points out, browsing will be slower initially, as the local cache will need to be reloaded as you revisit your favourite places.

I've also had my first email update concerning site activity! (And I've just been silently logged out while writing this...)

Thanks Nick for the tip on expanding the reply box - I hadn't noticed the dotted triangle on the bottom RH corner you click and drag to widen and deepen your reply window. Makes it much easier to see what you've written!



Neil thank you for this, just received my first email notification that you had replied above :-)


I see no dotted triangle and I don't understand about clearing caches ....... Too scared I'll lose what I have! Is this why I am still getting 'server error' instead of latest activity?

sparkler x


Hi Sparkler the page seems to be working now. The drop down bar-server error has gone and latest activity is visible to me. Try now


I suspect you can't see the dots forming a triangle because your cache still contains the old reply box template. The new reply box is outlined in light blue and has those dots in a very light grey in the bottom right corner. I suspect I never noticed it before because my cache had the old one until yesterday, but they are barely visible. A slider bar also appears on the RHS of the reply box when you exceed the room available when entering text.

I can understand your caution about clearing your cache, but you'd be safe trying Rob's right click suggestion. On Firefox, Reload is the third option after Back and Forward.



I'm afraid that half of what you've just said is like a foreign language to me Neil.Lol. I do have Latest Activity now but I don't know what the 'RHS' of the reply box is, or what 'Reload is the third option after Back or Forward' means!

I am using Safari on the iPad mostly but Firefox when I use the NetBook.

Btw, this reply box is even smaller now.....oh dear I need a computer lesson....

Thanks anyway.

sparkler x


Sorry Sparkler! My wrong for using short hand.

RHS = Right Hand Side.

In detail, when you use Firefox on your netbook, if you right click on this page to the right of the text boxes (i.e move the mouse cursor over to the right onto a blank area and click the right mouse button once), you should see a window appear that has a list of 'short cuts' to common operations. (This is customisable by Firefox add-ons so my list will differ from yours. A second right-click gets rid of the window.) If you look down the list of items in this window, you should see 'Reload'. Move your mouse cursor down to that item and left-click on it. That should force a reload of the page from the HU server, and hopefully, if you now look VERY carefully, you should see the triangle formed from lots of light grey dots in the bottom right corner of your text window. When you move your mouse cursor over that triangle, the mouse cursor should change into a right angle with an arrow inside the angle. You can now Left-click and hold and drag that triangle to resize the box to as wide and as high as you want within the limitations of your screen real-estate.

The right click menu is what's called context sensitive - the menu contents change depending on where the mouse cursor is positioned. You can save time by using these short cuts - for example, the Back and Forward short cuts save you the time taken to navigate your mouse up to the top left of the browser screen and clicking the 'Back = <--' and 'Forward = -->' icons to navigate back and forward through previously viewed web pages.

Hope that helps you and many others equally wondering what we are on about.



Thanks Neil.

I'll log on with Firefox a bit later when I'm a bit more awake and see what I can do.

Any ideas for when using the iPad, which is my preferred computer thingy? Maybe Rob can chip in with this, as I notice he mentioned using one himself.....or Chris........?

This reply box is even smaller than the last one....very soon, I will see only one word as I type - eek!

sparkler x


Hi Sparkler, Thanks for asking all these questions and persevering with this site. A lot of what's being said is a foreign language to me too, and it's been helpful to read other people's replies to you. I have now discovered how to make the reply box bigger (thank you AussieNeil for your explanation).

I'm still trying to understand about caches though - I might need to "Google" the word "cache" and find out what it actually means.

Have a good day,

Paula x


Glad this helped you Paula.

Having just cooked tea, I reckon a pantry is a good common day analogy of a cache (from the French for hidden). Basically, your computer saves a copy of the non-changing content of a web page in a local copy or cache (which is hidden away from you). That saves your computer from having to go back to the web server each time you revisit the page. This both makes your browsing experience more snappy and reduces your data download. If the website information has changed, the computer *should* get a fresh, updated copy from the server. It's a bit like refilling the salt shaker from the salt packet hidden in the pantry, rather than going to the store. Sometimes you only find out you have the wrong item when you go to use it - like finding you only have sea salt in the pantry when you wanted seasoned salt.

There are many caches designed into a computer and they all designed to work transparently in the background by using faster (hence expensive), smaller amounts of memory storage to buffer slower access.

Hope that helps,


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Neil has already responded, so I'll assume it is covered. It is worth doing anyway, most people do not realise it exists, and there is a big hoard of web pages on their PC. This cache is designed to speed up web page loads but does expose you to the risk of getting old pages instead of new content. Some might be concerned that clearing it will mean their web access is slow, however today with the fast Internet connections most have it is not too much of a problem. I too use ccleaner, it can fix a load of other misery hiding on your PC. However, for my access to HU I normally use my iPad so not so applicable.


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Actually, there is a quickie as well, if you think it is just one page. Rich click somewhere on the page (blank space is best to avoid accidentally clicking on a link). A small floating menu should appear. On it will be reload or refresh or a similar word. Reload on Chrome for example, that will also reload the page from the source server rather than your cache.


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It is possible to clear the cache in Safari or Chrome on iPads and iPhones, but DON'T DO IT! You will loose all kinds of access data, to websites, online banking, etc. etc...

The caches on these mobile devices are universal, and smart, unlike some computer browsers... so please avoid a major headache leave the caches alone on mobile devices.


Aha! Finally found time to search for this new site and got in! Obviously teething problems and will take me some time to re-orientate: I can see potential for an easier-to-use site though.

I assume the notification function not working at moment (at least from Hairbears's comment), which explains email-box silence for a couple+ not an ex-communication! Phew.


Anyone know what 'pinned post' on top right hand side means - I am assuming administrator thinks these are popular/relevant so put there to make easy to find? It is good to have some of these general categories more visible, though not sure how decision is made.

Looking at the pinned ones (and I am not sure if pinning is permanent), there are a couple of categories that don't appear in the 'Browse by Category' item (also not sure how category is tagged in each post). They are around blood tests/results/limits/counts and the general source-of-info-type (like HairBears post of a couple of months ago). Should these not be very visible/easy to find?

Oh, and you can only see 4 lines of a post as you write it.....this assumes a good short term memory....not my strong point!



Hi And

Glad you have found your way in.

Pinned posts are not permanent and can be changed at any time they will

Be reviewed regularly and some will roll over- if we can we wish to keep in view easy find popular discussions, topics and questions. For starters to get the ball rolling we have provided a few from the archive - please continue to offer us suitable examples to consider including- or removing.

The 'Browse by Category' item also needs refining and will develop as we use the space, each could include also would benifit from posts that link to variouse topics.

We will have to keep the categories list at a reasonable length The tags and search facility we have been provided is not working well at the moment and is struggling to identify an relevant information. HU are tackling this as a short term priority after other primary functions and services are restored.

You can catch up on developments , observations and explanations in the community discussion: Please provide feedback on our new website (good AND bad) [Now including an update from Team HU - the site developers] Also contact HU direct with observations and difficulties in the support section on the top bar.!/#cllsu...

(for the moment addresses are not recognised by the system and do not appear as links- cut and paste into your browser search or right hand click on the address to access)

You can increase the size of your posting box by clicking and dragging the bottom right hand corner. This will give you a more workable size to work with.

It will take us a little time to get used to the new format and HU to work through identified bugs and issues. Thank you for confirming that you "can see potential for an easier-to-use site though". I am confident with time we will get there together. :

Many thanks



Hi Pat

Well done for finding us and posting, I have deleted and reposted this as the home at the top of the page now takes me to the CLL community news feed. It used to take me to the HU community home this is a recent development- not sure when'

The community home page found by using the house icon on the left of the purple bar is telling me that the server is down.

The HU technicians I am sure are on the case,. It should and has untill yesterday provided a feed of latest activity.

Tags are very confusing and are not working well, HU are working on this.

Email notifications are being worked on as priority, HU have confirmed they will be back on at the beginning of this week. This will aid everyone find their way to posts. (in fact they came live while I was editing this and volunteers should have received there first a short while ago). Will the daily journal now go out tommorrow.

It is apparent that the site is in a state of flux and HU are making progress




Apologies if this has been explained already, could not find it when i had a quick scn...

On iPad Safari the cache iss called 'history'. You can clear it by going into Admin, then selecting Safari, then clicking on 'Clear History'.

A generic statement now.... Look at the browser cache like this.... The cache is an area created on your PC that holds copies of web pages you have been to recently. It's primary purpose is to speed up loading of those pages as your browser can get them from the cache rather than wait to dowload them from the internet. The cache varies in size depending on how you set it or if you dont what the default is for your browser. The bigger the cachethe more space it takes up on your hard drive and the more pages it can hold. If it becomes full your browser will automaticlly clear space in it by deleting pages from it that are oldest ( actually it is the ones you used longest ago).

BTW, I'm using Google Chrome browser to do this ad there is no way of increasing the size of the text box.... My excuse for typing errors!

None of this stuff is rocket science, if you are unsure just ask and one of us can explain it. It is just something that looks daunting if you are not familiar with the terms, it honestly is straightforward mostly.


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Thanks Rob.

If I clear my history from Safari on the iPad, will I lose all my bookmarks or sites/ pages that I have put a link icon to on my desktop (is that the word even)?

slow sparkler x


Hi Sparkler,

I'm not sure about that, I've never put links on my desktop, i'm a bit of a minimalist. If you tell me how you created them i'll do some testing. I don't really use Safari so it is no problem for me to mess about with it.



I will try to explain Rob.........It's called the 'Home screen' and not 'Desktop', as I'd thought. Just to the left of the place where you enter the www etc., there is an icon with an arrow on it, which on the iPad, seems to generally means 'send to' and there are a number of options eg, mail, Twitter, and a few more, plus ' Home Screen' and this is what I click. I also use that button to 'Bookmark' things. To the left of that button is a open book symbol, which brings up bookmarks and History and reading lists (for offline reading, I think.

I am really grateful for you taking the time to help with this.

It also took me ages to get into the community just now and I couldn't access it at all most of this afternoon.

On the positive side, I am staying logged in for most of the time.

Cheers Rob.

sparkler x


Well, here is what I just tested.

1: I created two links from within Safari, as you described, one to Heathunlocked (and got the funny little squiggly head) and one to my own website on my home screen.

2: went into Google Chrome (my normal browser, - yes can see recently loaded pages tile on my screen).

3: Went into Safari and selecte HU. It appeared as I typed (picking up from history, (or cache))

4: Went into admin ... then settings ... then selected Safari

5: clicked 'Clear History' (note NOT cookies or data)

6: Stopped and restarted google chrome, recent website links still there

7: Started Safari, as I typed Healthunlocked it did not know it. So it loaded from web like I'd never been there before.

8: Touched 'login' and it picked up my id and password I'd previously saved (I'd not cleared data or cookies earlier, so expected that to happen).

9: closed both browsers (using the menu at bottom of screen).

10: went to homescreen, touched the icon for healthunlocked, it starte OK but did not log me on.

11: touched login and I logged in with remembered login details

12: Repeated exercise twice more (good tests need to be repeatable).

I saw the later append by Cllcanada, for once I don't agree, if clearing the history of Safari affected anything outside safari (eg my banking app) I would be very unhappy and any vendor would lose market confidence, assuming it was not Safari being unused to access it.

BTW, if you clear data/cookies you will lose userids/passwords for sure!



Thanks Rob, Neil and everyone who has helped me understand caches and how to clear them. Very helpful.


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