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Welcome and information about polls to aid in the development of the CLLSA website:

Welcome everyone, what an incredible response to the launch of our new on-line community. Thank you for your early support and sharing. It is hard to believe it has just been birthed as there is so much varied activity which really brings home how heterogeneous CLL is and the varied ways in which we all live with the disease. We have started something, I am privileged to be able to share in support and learning with and from you all.

In my publicity letter to announce the launch I mentioned how important this facility will be in aiding the development of UK on-line support. One of our first tasks is the development of the CLLSA website; with that in mind I have posted the first of a series of questions/polls to allow us to gain your feedback to aid us in the development project.

These CLLSA website polls/questions will be posted daily (several at a time), all can be accessed at any time either from the link in the margin of the polls information board or from the particular question that is up on the home board (so you can always keep up-to-date with what questions are being asked and give your feedback, just click on polls on the dark green bar at the top of the page).

Also there is a facility for you to submit suggestions for polls that may be of benefit to us living with CLL. These could help shed light on the experiences of others from symptoms to side effects and psychological issues etc.

Again I am thrilled to see your enthusiasm with the new community site here and look forward to being part of it as it grows.

Many thanks


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Great site Nick and thank you for all your hard work in getting it up and running.



I echo Jo's words Nick. I think the tremendous response just goes to show how much it was needed.

sparkler x


Well done, Nick. Another triumph.


Love the site Nick, many thanks for setting it up.



Thanks all but I think you should give yourselves a pat on the back and we must aknowledge the work of the site designers and managers at HealthUnlocked who provide and maintain this for us. thank you all, keep up the good work. ( :



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