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Dr Sharman begins blogging on relevant ASCO papers


Dr Sharman blogged last Wednesday: "ASCO abstracts are out. It feels like Christmas Morning and I am 5 years old...".

Below are links to two of his recent blogs on this year's American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) papers - both relevant to CLL treatment.

GA-101 aka. obinituzumab in CLL

Dr Sharman reports the big updates for this year and discovers something new from the report on the German three arm CLL11 study, in which chlorambucil was compared to chlorambucil in combination with either rituximab or GA-101.

"...the progression free survival went from 10 months with chlorambucil to 15 months with rituxan and 23 months with GA-101. To me that indicates that GA-101 is really doing something new / better than the stalwart rituximab."


Ibrutinib Resistance

Read why Dr Sharman is excited about the paper "Use of tumor genomic profiling to reveal mechanisms of resistance to the BTK inhibitor ibrutinib in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)".



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Thanks for the Xmas present Dr Sharman! I have to go in to hospital to discuss treatment options now my cells have started to come back in earnest, so this exciting information gives me hope.

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