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Dr Sharman on "Choosing first therapy in CLL"

Dr Sharman  on "Choosing first therapy in CLL"

Dr. Sharman briefly discusses the whys of the rather unique Watch and Wait 'treatment' decision for CLL, mentioning the relevance of clonal evolution, reports on the typical treatments provided to those with CLL in the United States and states that "Right now in 2013 we do not know what the best front line therapy actually is". He then shares his opinion on what is currently best for patients needing treatment.

This latest blog is, as usual, informative and easy to read - particularly if you anticipate needing your first treatment soon.


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Incredibly interesting and informative. Thanks for posting Neil.



Well done Neil. I totally enjoyed that opportunity to watch Dr Sharman discussing pathology reporting. It certainly helps you understand so much more of the reports.

Thanks Netty


Yes Neil,

Great post, this Dr Sharman article brings so much together and explains current thinking and practice in a very understandable way. A must read I think




Thanks Neil

I have found Dr Sharman's Blog and the videos of Dr Susan Leclaire (eg 'when to treat on white blood cell count' - see bottom of CLLSA blog chain in Hairbair's sources of info) v good to shed light for the novice



here is the video you mention Andy, yes this is very helpful.


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