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Hypothyroidism and High Cholesterol

Am now taking statins for cholesterol (12.5). After a recent blood test I have also been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. My doctor says this is the cause of my high cholesterol. I have felt anti-social and "just can't be bothered with people" for years. Going to bed at 3 pm and sleeping my life away. Am feeling like a new person now I'm on thyroxin. I just wanted to point out that there can be hidden reasons for high cholesterol.

If you feel tired and cold all of the time. Dry skin and generally grumpy and like to be alone. You should have your thyroid level checked.

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Hi Barmbat,

This happened to a work colleague, she said she had difficulty lifting her arm to write, she felt so tired.

A health professional told her it was her poor diet, she said that's odd I've been a vegetarian for 20 years, eat healthily etc etc and it turned out to be hypothyroidism. I think she also put on a lot of weight.


Poor lady: I'm a lifelong vegetarian too. I bet there's lots of people who get labled fat, lazy and miserable who have hypo. Unfortunately it doesn't always show up in blood tests.


In some minds it is thought that the higher the cholesterol the more likely it is that it is combating a more serious problem and is not the cause of the problem itself. Good news that you have found that out and are now on the road to health.


Very true. I hope you are enjoy good health too.


I'm both veggie and hypothyroid, it hurts when you can't eat some of the rabbit foods that other veggies eat. Foods out of my diet are, lettuce, strawberries and peanuts and the list doesn't stop there. I'm lucky in that my cholesterol is low, but I also have high blood pressure, so got to keep an eye on my calorie intake and keep active. Good to hear your thyroxine works for you.


I had a heart attack last year and am on statins. But I have an underactive thyroid as well. My gp denies that there is a significant connection between an underactive thyroid and high cholesterol (mine is currently around 6.6). Thus, even if I get the exact thyroxine dose, it's not going to reduce my cholesterol, he avers. Hmmm...

BTW, I've always had a healthy diet, I'm not overweight, I don't drink, so what gives?


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