High Cholesterol

I'm new here. 58 year old male. Reasonably fit. 5ft 7in tall and weighing 11st 4lbs. Just been diagnosed with cholesterol of 6. Bit of a shock. Cant remember my cholesterol ever being checked before.

I've had Ulcerative Colitis for 8 years but its well controlled with an infliximab Infusion every 8 weeks. has anyone every heard of certain medicines like Infliximab being responsible for high cholesterol.



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  • IMHO you have "high" cholesterol now because the limits keep lowering and the drug companies keep rubbing their hands as more and more people are prescribed cholesterol lowering drugs. This article is very interesting healthinsightuk.org/2015/07...

  • I think you are wrong. Statins are excellent drugs with benefits underestimated and side effects over estimated.. bbc.co.uk/news/health-37306736

  • We are each entitled to our own opinion maybe you don't take them or are unaware of the side effects. My side effects are reducing, I am hoping that the calcium deposited in my arteries has stopped and that my body produces enough vitamin K2 and Q10 for my bodies needs. My memory is coming back too, so hopefully I won't develop Altzheimers. I was on statins for 14 years and the blockages did not stop but the amount of calcium in my coronary arteries has increased significantly and I was starting to suffer from claudication so probably the coronary arteries are not alone!

  • You need to look at both sides!!!!

  • If you had suffered the muscle pain that a lot of us have had, you would not be saying Statins are excellent. I was talking to people in the Hospital today and they know many patients who have been on statins and are in such pain having taken them.

  • And the worst part is there are so many people out there who are still suffering pain when taking them.

    Initially as it starts creaping gradually, often weeks, months and sometimes years after starting people don't realise that it's the statins and assume it's old age or muscle pulls. Even many medics don't realise that pains can be a by-product. One person who I was talking to then raised it with his GP who said it was very rare but agreed to try stopping. Lo and behold over a period of weeks pains and cramps subsided to only very occasionally. This is also what happened to me. The other advantage is that they were able to cut out pain killers. Realise not the same for everyone but well worth trying.

  • I've been on statins since I was 16. Not previously noticed muscle pains, but am more and more finding my muscles sore, but blame it on not being as athletic as I was. What kind of muscle pain were you getting? I've tried stopping statins for a period before, didn't notice anything different, but my cholesterol did shoot up again.

  • It varied from cramps, tightness, dull aches,stabbingpains, etc. The variance was both by muscle and also at different times.

    From memory it took about 3 months after stopping simavastatin to almost become minimal / rareish.

  • Perhaps try searching the PubMed website? I wonder if the Inflammation from the UC would cause a rise in cholesterol?

    6 is not a very high score. Cutting out sugars and processed foods might be enough to bring it down.

  • Good suggestion from Penel, I have UC and cholesterol score hovers around 6-7 but declined statins. I do what I can through diet and exercise but am not worrying about it. I haven't taken drugs for UC for about 20 years so couldn't comment but I do think inflammation period is the main culprit, reducing inflammation is my main focus.

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