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High cholesterol

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This is my first post. I am 32 years old and I have hypothyroidism too. I was initially found to have high cholesterol back in 2016. My HDL level was 5.8 (<5.0)

I have also been getting white plaques of skin around my eyes, the nurse said that is indicative of high cholesterol and I have had those since then.

The nurse said she would usually advise me making food and lifestyle choices but because those factors were ok and that I was of low weight at the time those were not applicable to me.

My hypothyroidism is being treated with Levothyroxine and high cholesterol is present in my mum and nan so seems to be genetic? Also family history of heart disease and stroke

Thanks for any light that can be shed on this problem I have.

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I recommend watching 'The Magic Pill' documentary:-


And 'The Real Skinny On Fat':-


And, HbA1C:-


In short, it's good to have triglycerides at the lower end of the lab ref.range, HDL at the upper end of the ref. range, and HbA1C at the lower end of the ref. range.

I suspect you have a familial cholesterol issue indicated by the xanthoma around your eyes. Do you also have the hazy white circle in your eyes indicative of Corneal Arcus? I spoke to two well-known medics (one in a professional setting and the other in a social setting)... and they contradicted each other - typical of my experience with medics. In the social setting the well-known medic was concerned about Corneal Arcus, whilst the other well known medic in a professional setting wasn't. But to settle this issue, I'll probably do a CT scan of my heart.

If I were you, would I take statins? No. Statins are a big problem. They're generally not beneficial for women, and they cause adverse side effects in most/many people.

I suggest that you post your lab results WITH the ref. ranges on the Thyroid UK forum and ask for their opinions and suggestions. It may be that you're not on the ideal dose of thyroid meds.

In addition to lab tests for thyroid, cholesterol/lipids and HbA1C, you also need to test Vit D3 and Vit B12, Ferritin, Iron and Folate. When the thyroid is not quickly and correctly diagnosed and treated, it impacts all sorts of things inc. cholesterol, bones, cardiovascular and brain, etc.

*Your thyroid lab tests should always inc. FT3 and FT4; something that many medics and labs fail to do because of negligence/ineptitude.


Thank you, I do not have corneal arcus. I have TSH FT4 FT3 done I will post them

I have been tested negative for diabetes, but have resuls for ferritin iron folate B12 and D, thank you

Good to post all your recent lab results and ref. ranges (different labs use different ref. ranges, so to avoid confusion it's good to post the ref. ranges too).

Although you're not in the diabetic range, you may be in the pre-diabetic range which would be revealed by an HbA1C blood test which reveals blood sugar level of previous 90 days.

Best to post all your tests on Thyroid UK and ask for feedback.

Good luck. πŸ––πŸ»

High cholesterol is linked to Low thyroid, Doctors years ago knew this and would give those with High cholesterol NDT - Natural Dessicated (pigs) Thyroid a natural medication till they felt normal, cholesterol usually went down. as their low thyroid normalized. Low thyroid has an inverse effect with high cholesterol. So hopefully when you are eventually balanced in your thyroid bloods your cholesterol should also normalize too.

Sadly this history has oddly or conveniently been forgotten in favor of handing out statins. My Mum I believe was over looked for low thyroid, eventually found to be low thyroid, then not given enough thyroid medication, put on a statin which tipped her into having Kidney failure and having to have dialysis 3 times a week in a hospital miles away from home. Kidney failure, heart problems,, dementia, altzheimers and strokes are all well known now to be caused by statin drugs.


You indicated that your HDL was 5.8, that is unlikely your HDL, it is probably your total cholesterol level. HDL is considered the 'good' cholesterol and is usually in the range between 1-2 mmol/l.

Hypothyroidism may be genetic or it many not be. Some people develop it due to poor dietary and lifestyle choices.

Daily exercise can improve thyroid function naturally along with a Mediterranean Diet which emphasizes a whole-foods, plant-based regimen, while limiting sugars, eliminating packaged foods, and limiting simple carbohydrates (white flour products, rice, potatoes).

Fried foods are also eliminated.

Many people assume their medical conditions are always genetic when in fact there is a phenomenon called 'epigenetics' which suggests that dietary and lifestyle choices can improve your health in spite of your genetic predisposition.

Exercise is critical and the easiest form of exercise is walking - 30 to 60 minutes per day.

If you wish to read about my own health journey click on the link below:


Good luck.

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Thank you, I am active throughout the day so exercise is not my issue. I just don't understand why I have high cholesterol

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There's a difference between 'activity' and 'exercise'. Exercise requires a sustained elevated heart rate above 120 bpm for at least 20 continuous minutes.

In addition, sugar and simple carbohydrates foods as well as stress cause inflammation in the body which illicit a cholesterol response.

Cholesterol production increases in the absence of vitamin C. Try 3000 mg daily. I take much more. Read up on Linus Pauling.

Hi hallmelody!

Welcome! You have come to the right place; great, knowledgeable supportive people who wil always respond.

I totally agree with Londinium about the reference ranges and all that she has posted to you. She is incredible! I am going to watch her videos as they look great!

Yes, thyroid does run in families. I have Hashimotos Hypo Thyroid; diagnosed at hmm age 40 or so via blood tests and some constipation.

My maternal grandmother had it as well and lived to a ripe old age of 99 with it. She was on a dose lower of synthroid than I was. My maternal Aunt and her daughter both have it do my Mum's maternal cousin and her granddaughters; one diagnosed at age 14 after a celiliac diagnosis.

I have had continuously not severely elevated cholesterol for years which was monitored by my endocrinologist. For some reason, in Sept. of 2017 he decided to put me on Rosuvastatin 5mg.

I started with a back discomfort at my right rear rib. I was also spilling protein in the urine which is a side effect of this medication. I have normal to low normal BP as well.

( Google Drugs.com and check it out!)

It did lower my cholesterol but not vastly considering I became vegetarian.

I was removed from the Rosuvastatin 5mg. prior to a kidney biopsy in April 2017 where it was discovered that I had Membraneous Nephropathy, an autoimmune kidney disorder.

After biopsy I refused the Rosuvastatin and was put on Atrovastatin 10mg.

My cholesterol dropped less than with the other drug.

I suffered unmercelessly with the right rib back pain for 8 months until I finally convinced the endocrinologist to take me off the statin. Within 3 weeks the pain subsided.

My thyroid went more hypo with that statin. My endocrinologist believed that it was a med reaction to calcium that I had been on for 6 years without issue.

I moved the calcium to pm and the TSH improved and then jumped up again in March.

In April, the endocrinologist finally moved the Synthroid up and it has been normal.

I did see my GP in December March, May and my annual physical in July about all of this. Shedid her labs and was not thrilled.


December 2017-330 total

June 2018- 242 no statin

My LDL is 131 ( reference range is 0-129)

Both my GP and Nephrology Consultant want me off statins at present.

Since upping the synthroid my TSH, T3, T4, Ferritin, Folate, and D are well in the normal range as noted by my GP in our local hospital and my new Renal Consultant from a vast urban teaching hospital.

My B-12 is high as I have been taking too high dose of that supplement. I am not taking it for a bit.

My GP will follow both my cholesterol and thyroid. In addition, I will ask my nephrology consultant for a recommendation as to a new endocrinologist. Disappointing after 14 years.

As you can imagine it has been a journey, but I feel good, eat healthily, go on with my day and remain positive.

Yes, they do note family history but evaluate based on each person. Keep in mind that we are all different and respond differently to medications.

It is important to communicate with your consultants.

Please keep in touch and let me know how and what you are doing. Stay strong and positive!

I will always answer.



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Thanks Bet.

Please watch the Cardiologist Dr William Davis. Aside from his many easily found online interviews, he also has his own YouTube channel which is filled with short explanations.


Calcium supplements can lead to calcified plaque in the arteries... especially, if you're not taking Vit K2 MK7 (if you're on Warfarin, consult a knowledgable clinician).

I don't think Dr William Davis talks about Vit B12.

An anesthestic told me that he always liked people to have Vit B12 above 500. That doesn't mean that he thought that 500 or 501 was perfect.

I suspect your rib pain was linked to low Vit D3 ...which the statins probably impacted. Statins also impact CoQ10 ...and Mitochondrial health.

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Hi Londinium,

Thanks for responding. You are wonderful!

Actually, at the time that I was suffering from the back pain, my vitamin D was a bit high as I take Calcium Magnesium Citrate Liquid with D3 for my IBS; the only thing that works and not a drug. It also added bone density to my osteoperosis

( also familial) that my consultant has discharged me for 2 years.

My then nephrologist's student threatened to hospitalize me for elevated D in February 2018, not noticing in November When questioned as to why this was not re-tested since August 2017 if there was issue, the response was

" we do that once per year".

I stopped it entirely and the D is now normal, but calcium and magnesium low.

GP started me on the liquid but 1 tbsp. Labs are fine and regularity has returned.

The back pain- followed

instructions and saw my GP in December 2017

to find skeletal muscular swelling in that area; a documented side effect of the Atrouvastatin as well as a feeling that I was allergic to something in those two statins, the Rosuvastatin given in Sept. 2016 and Atrouvastatin given in April 2017 - the most powerful of all statins. I did take COQ10 while on the statins.

None the less, I was assigned the heating pad by my GP. and it helped with the discomfort.

As far as my B-12, I have to reduce it as it is over 1,000 due to the supplements taken.

Not easy and could have been avoided...

I am very grateful to you for pointing out the importance of a folate, ferritin and B-12 testing in addition to TSH T3 and T4 . My endocrinologist had not looked at the first 2 since 2008, so I am pleased that both my GP and Nephrology Consultant have this month.

I am going to watch your suggested videos and will discuss them with you.


Thank You!


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Hi Bet,

Out of interest:-

*what was your "high" Vit D lab result, for which you were threatened with hospitalisation?

*and the brand/product of calcium magnesium citrate liquid?

Whilst supplementing B12 - testing is of little value as results will be skewed. The test result you have is both bound and unbound B12 and only around 20% of your result is available to travel to the cells where it is needed ! You may wish to take a GOOD B Complex to maintain levels and keep all the B's in balance. B9 works with B12 in the body. You cannot overdose on B12 as it is water soluble ....

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Thank you. Sorry I do not supplement B12.

in reply to hallmelody

Apologies - my reply was intended for Bet117 above 😊

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TSH 4.28 (0.2 - 4.2)

FT4 16.1 (12 - 22)

FT3 3.2 (3.1 - 6.8)

Ferritin 17 (15 - 150)

Folate 4.1 (4.6 - 18.7)

Vitamin b12 210 (190 - 900)

Vit D 40.5

in reply to hallmelody

Your TSH is far too high and on treatment should be around 1 or under. Your FT4 needs to be higher in the range and as you can see the most important ACTIVE hormone is at the bottom of the range - the FT3. This is why your cholesterol is raised as your metabolism is low. Your FT4 is not coverting well due to your Ferritin level - which needs to be around 70. Folate in BELOW range and your B12 needs to be over 500 to prevent neurological damage. VitD is good at 100 ++

So how is your GP dealing with these dreadful nutrient results ?

How much Levo/T4 are you taking ? Have you had your thyroid anti-bodies tested - TPO & Tg ? It's much later here in Crete - so if I do not see your reply tonight I will see it early in the morning :-)


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TPO antibody 277 (0 - 34)

TG antibody 308.3 (0 - 115 negative)

I am only taking ferrous fumarate 210mg once a day


in reply to hallmelody

Raised anti-bodies confirm Hashimotos - the most common thyroid condition. It is auto-immune in origin so good to look at being gluten free to begin with ... It is also the reason for poor absorption of nutrients ...

in reply to Marz

I suggest you post all of your results (thyroid and non-thyroid) on the Thyroid UK forum.

Was you Vit D tested as NMOL or NG? You didn't provide the ref. range. If it was 40.5 NMOL, you have some way to go before you're in the optimal range of 100-150 NMOL recommended by 48 scientists in this PDF. Cardiologist Dr William Davis recommends a higher range of 50-70 NG.


If I were you, I'd triple your Vit B12 of 210 by taking a B Complex with extra added B12. Vit C inproves absorption of B Vitamins.

Daily Selenium 200 mcg will help convert thyroid hormones T4 to T3.



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You are wonderful!

in reply to hallmelody

Hi :) I too have high cholesterol and a family history of early heart attacks. Since discovering the thyroid link and taking T3 my cholesterol levels have started to come down. (Not that I think cholesterol is harmful, quite the opposite).

Your fT4/fT3 ratio is just over 5:1 so it looks like your body is not doing as well as it could be at converting the T4 in levothyroxine to the active thyroid hormone T3. Your nutrients need to be optimal to help conversion.

TPO antibody 277 (0 - 34),

TG antibody 308.3 (0 - 115 negative) These results show you have hashimoto's which is an autoimmune form of hypothyroidism. Have you been told that?

Pop over to the Thyroid Uk section of Healthunlocked, and post your thyroid results to get some more input from others too :)

HbA1c 37 (<40)

Ps. Your HbA1C is 5.5% and is therefore at the bottom end of the pre-diabetic range, so it'd be good if you try to reduce it. See my link, above, re HbA1C.

Exercise heart has to be calculate, I am afraid, not just any number, as a 32 year old person using you age and a number that has been designed , you can calculate.

Have a look at this link:


Your exercise heart range is between 94 and 132.

High cholesterol level leads to increased blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, peripheral arterial disease, and Type 2 diabetes. Cholesterol can be treated with healthy diet in addition to high cholesterol. Daily diet must include fruits, salads, oatmeal as suggested by Dr. Janet, nutrition, health and fitness expert. To keep an easy track of the meals consumed one can use health related app like the Choletserol Down app. This is the fastest way to lower cholesterol. Follow the bad cholesterol reduction diet advised in the app and reduce cholesterol without statins. You can reduce LDL cholesterol by as much as 47%. All the best

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human body needs cholesterol to fully function!

"coronary heart disease, stroke, peripheral arterial disease", this can happen to any one any time!!

Type 2 is all to do with high living!

Blood pressure not sure?

Watching out for hidden and free sugar can help towards a healthy life.

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