High Cholesterol

Hi all, just joined this very interesting group. I know others may have posted similar questions but I thought I would give the specifics with my question. I just got a test done and these were the results:

Total Cholesterol 7.42

HDL 1.79

TRIG 1.27

LDL 5.05

I know this is in high range but the lab guy told me since HDL is high, it sort of balances out so no need for any drastic changes in diet or medication at the moment. I am generally of good health, normal blood pressure, but if late have been feeling very slight discomfort/sensation around the left side of my chest around heart area, or is this just due to a tight seat safety belt lol.

I will appreciate advice from all on what I should be doing to lower the total cholesterol, if that is necessary.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Look at life style change, watch your food and drinks intake, hidden sugar and free sugar in food and drinks have to be checked as well, regular exercise can help towards a healthy life.

    What was the reason for your bold test.?

    Can you walk 2km with out any discomfort before and food and after food?

    Using desk top, lap top and also car seat belt can give problems depending on the age and also BMI.

    My daughter had a problem to do with car seat belt!!

  • Thanks for quick reply, yes I don't think I would have a problem doing 2km walk, although I must admit that immediately after food I feel more discomfort around heart area.

  • btw there wasn't any particular reason I got the tests done, it was just a routine once a year thing that I do.

  • Please note that only total cholesterol and HDL, other lipid numbers are from man made calculations.

    A GP recently mentioned in his early days before statin medication, total cholesterol number was 7.25.

    You can control your numbers by food intake control and regular exercise.

    Please ask your GP to do a JBS2 or QRISK analysis and explain fully the results. you GP can also advice how you can control your numbers if it is necessary.

    You can check on the height to waist ratio as well, more information in Google.

    Please do not go for the medication option at the moment.

    More information on cholesterol here:


  • Thanks for the info. The Dr Zoe article is quite interesting.

  • im not so sure about this article myself.

  • Don't believe all the lies you have been told for so long. Saturated fat is not the enemy, we need it!

  • Your levels are very high. I have got my LDL to under two by going on a WHOLEFOOD PLANT BASED NO OIL DIET. Lots of info on the web. Look at website Forks over Knives for testimonials and menus.

  • We all need fat!

  • I think you might be a bit Dotty, Dottie!

  • Thank you susieanna, this way of eating I quoted is given by Medicare Insurance hospitals in the USA

  • Well if you don't get any fat in your diet susieanna, then you could become 'dotty' too, as your brain needs fat to function properly! ;)

  • Hahaha! yes, i'm already a bit dotty! i know we need some fat; just more of the right sort i think.

  • How do you go about finding the correct food and fat?

  • Eat as our ancestors did....Have a look here:


    Barry Groves: Homo Carnivorus What We Are Designed to Eat

  • eat veggies, daily; especially broccolli; eat fruit daily, apples, eat oats, eg porridge, cut down on saturated fats, eat beetroot too; its good for you. eat brown or seeded bread, eat nuts without salt, a handful daily; any nuts, walnuts they say are best, but peanuts are good too.

  • Hi try not to worry about pains in chest. Since having a heart attack last year and having a stent placed i get all sorts of pains round the same area as yourself . But having all checks and blood test done all fine. I suppose it's a lot to do with my diet. Since the h/a I have had a wake up call regarding eating and looking after yourself. No more white bread everything brown no more red meat in fact could easy become a vegetarian lol . Feel the healthiest I've ever been 3 and a half stone lighter as well. Just watch what you eat just stick to the greens and stay away from the reds and see your cholesterol come down.

    Good luck.

  • This is great advice, thanks. I started the greens journey, which I must admit, I haven't been very strong on greens before, hence my high levels, which I was quite surprised at as I hardly eat red meats, bread, butter, but have been having lots of fried stuff, maybe that's what raises the levels.

  • Eat more fatty red meat (From grass fed cows only!), less bread, more butter and if you fry foods NEVER, EVER use vegetable oils, as they quickly become cancer causing when heated and are usually high in inflammatory Omega 6. Use lard, dripping, butter or coconut oils for frying instead.

  • Thanks for the info. What about Olive oil for cooking? Is that recommended in my condition?

  • Olive oil isn't really the best oil for cooking with, though it is better than the other vegetable oils. Have a read of this:


  • Hi, My Cholesterol blood test came back 6.3 and satisfactory, but my GP says that the hospital I am attending as an outpatient after a TIA, won't be happy with that and will want me to get on SATINS, which I just won't as my brother has Fibrosis in his lungs thanks to that drug, and it also seems to me that they are dishing out satins like sweets!!! Is there an alternative. I can run two miles quite easily at 5.2 K/hr, oh and I shall be 69 in May next.

  • Statins are given as primary and secondary medication. In your case it may be secondary medication. It is imperative you discuss the reasons for statin with your GP, asking all the questions and writing down all the answers for future reference.

  • TIA,,,statins!!! No, no, no. Statins reduce the positive effect of exercise. Statins linked to diabetes. A TIA is a warning. Make every lifestyle change possible, turmeric, garlic, exercise etc. JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP SIDE EFFECTS OF STATINS and ask all the questions you can. Look at the published papers statins and cancer. Lifestyle changes are more effective. Gooigle Esselstyn and veganism.

  • Your LDL is very high. Immediately get a PLAC test and also VAP test to see the size of particles - these are very dangerous. These are both available in the UK at a price - but a heck is a lot better than having a stroke. Also it will give you peace of mind to see your insulin resistance score. Also, assume the worst and make the following lifestyle changes:

    1. Lose weight. If not overweight then tone up.

    2. Avoid sugar. Go low carb

    3. Put more potassium and magnesium in your diet. Also add Vitamin D3 and vitamin K

    4. Go to bed at 10pm and aim for 8 hours sleep, high quality

    5. Exercise. NOT HIIT. Perhaps variable HIIT. Certainly yoga and some resistance training. Plenty of walking - get a dog

    6. Social - be kind to others, give, give.

    7. You are responsible for what you put in your mouth. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Mocha tea (organic), loads of vegetables and some fruit.

    8. Set health targets - watch your progression.

    9. Be happy

  • Please read this article:


    AS you GP has all your medical record, you need to consult your GP!

    Food and drinks intake control, regular exercise can help towards a healthy life.

  • The article is 13 years old! Total cholesterol is NOT the focus - trig:HDL is. The article ignores potassium, vitamin D as key TIA risk areas.... go to the fbook group...

  • Thank you. I am afraid I will keep out of this discussion!

  • Bala please don't refrain from commenting, your advice is good and relevant. In your first reply you spoke about lifestyle and diet changes and I think that is key here.

  • I think as some have said the thing is to have a healthy diet; fruit. veg, broccoli, beetroot; get some exersize; eat stuff low in saturated fat (you can see sat fat readings on labels of most foods) eat chicken rather than so much red meats, eat brown bread or granary ; eat fish, eat porridge (granary is lovely) ; cut out or cut down on chocolates and cakes; i have it on good authority that Cod liver oil is excellent; now, im gonna ask my GP first about this; but if its ok for me to take it, then im going to; my diet is horrific now; somehow i must change cos i know what i need to do; one thing that has changed is i have stopped smoking, thank God; but am vaping; eventually id like to stop that too; but very difficult.

  • Thanks this is sound advice and seems to be in harminy with what most people have said here and what I have researched on the web.

  • susieanna, saturated fat does NOT cause heart disease, that is a very outdated myth! Carbs and sugar are the culprits and chicken is NOT better than red meat (From grass fed cows with all the fat on it!). Chickens are intensively raised on an unnatural diet of high grain Omega 6, which causes inflammation in the body and inflammation (And high insulin levels) lead to heart disease, not high cholesterol! And even if chickens are free range, their diet gets supplemented with omega 6 rich grain, whereas cows who get fed grass (Not grain) produce VERY healthy meat and fat, which is good for the heart, as it's full of Omega 3 (As in fish) and good saturated fats.

    Our bodies and brain are made up of a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol, so how can it be unhealthy??? So, eat up your grass fed red meat (With the fat on!), lots of cheese, butter, full fat milk and cut right back on the refined carbs and sugar! Eating oily fish is definitely a good thing for the heart though!



  • I have also read something about Cholesterol ratios and when I plugged my results into the ratio calculator, it didn't paint too bad a picture. Showed 2 of the ratios as good and one as ideal. Can anyone guide me on the importance of ratios?

  • You need to look at the total cholesterol to HDL ratio, this is because these two, total cholesterol and HDL are the measured values from the blood test, other can calculated from man made equations.

    In your case if you divide total cholesterol by HDL you get a value between 4 and 5.

    The other ratios are from calculated umbers therefore you have to be very careful!

  • Bala thanks for the info, how do these ratios translate in my case?

  • Now you need to consult your GP or a specialist, who have access to you medical records to off you any advice.

  • I was at Reading University today!

    2004 numbers.

    Total cholesterol 5.2

    HDL 1.6

    LDL 3.4

    The above three are ideal numbers.

    Total cholesterol /HDL, 5.2/1.6 = 3.25

    You can look at life style change and regular exercise to bring you numbers down if necessary.

  • Just wondering if lifestyle and serious diet changes alone would work, leaving out the exercise bit. Would this be a good idea?

  • All I can say if for me, food and drinks intake control, watching out for hidden and free sugar, portion control and regular exercise is helping me towards a healthy life.

    Once in a while I do have a holiday from regular food and drinks!!!

  • I am a retired engineer but there are many medical people in my family therefore I do discuss some of the posts before commenting on it!

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