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For cholesterol blood test or Calcium Score?

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Please read this true interesting story. NHS still not doing Calcium score, private test can cost up to £ 150.00 pounds!

"But he was alarmed to discover that, aged 42, his cholesterol levels were high, at 8.5 — with his level of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol at 6.2. His GP advised that he start on statins immediately to reduce his risk of heart disease."

"A blood test for levels of cholesterol or fat — good and bad — forms part of a health MOT; total levels above 5 mmol/l (or ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol above 3 mmol/l) often lead to statins being suggested. That’s because cholesterol can be deposited in the arteries, narrowing them and increasing the risk of a heart attack and stroke."

"A score of zero means no build-up; more than 400 suggests major furring of the arteries and a high risk of heart disease, which affects around 7.6 million people in the UK. The ten-minute test, also available privately for about £150, has been around for 20 years."

I refused statin and blood glucose medication after my blood test 15 years ago, went on life style change.

Take care.

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When I had my annual cholesterol test it always used to list my serum calcium, but my last full blood count didn't include that or my HDL, LDL or triglycrides so I now have to have another blood test to include those levels. IMHO not a good financial decision to omit these levels and then have to do a re-test.

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sandybrown in reply to karmel

Serum Calcium and Calcium are two different parameters.

"A normal serum calcium level is 8-10 mg/dL (2-2.5 mmol/L) with some interlaboratory variation in the reference range, and hypercalcemia is defined as a serum calcium level greater than 10.5 mg/dL (>2.5 mmol/L)."

"Coronary artery calcium score results. The amount of calcium detected in the coronary arteries is converted to a calcium score which correlates with the severity of the atherosclerosis. The score used is the Agatston score, which is calculated from weighted density and area of the calcification identified"

UK, NHS do not do Calcium as standard even though it is not expensive but this can be done privately.

Take care.

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