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Coming Off Statins - Update October 18, 2016


UPDATE - Now completely off Statins and all other heart medication.

For those who followed my original post 'Coming Off Statins', I shared my journey through my post-operative recovery period. Triple by-pass March 2015.

Through a dogged commitment to proper nutrition and daily exercise, I gradually lost 35 lbs and brough my blood chemistry to optimal levels.

Most recent blood test this week:

LDL 1.95 mmol/l

HDL 1.89 mmol/l

Triglycerides 0.59 mmol/l

Cholesterol/HDL ratio 2.2.

Result? No more statins, no more metoprolol and ramapril. I'm off ALL medications.

Good luck to all out there fighting CVD. Read my posts to see how I did it.

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Very Well done in bringing your numbers down.

May be you can write few points in this post on your " proper nutrition and daily exercise" for people to read and get full benefit, all the information is in one place.

Thank you.

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Plant based diet, plus fish 3x/week. Use olive oil liberally. Eat cheese, but only Feta made from goat and sheep's milk, crumbled and in small portions;

Use goat milk for cereal and tea; eat 200 gr. of 0% fat, Greek Yogurt (Oikos brand) daily after exercise; One teaspoon of Ceylon (True) Cinnamon daily in breakfast tea; 1-2 cups of green tea daily, sweetened with one teaspoon of maple syrup; one small bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats covered in Post 100% All Bran, with one pint of blueberries on top - daily;

Another breakfast is 2 tbspns all-natural, organic, unsweetened, unsalted almond butter, on one toasted slice of whole grain German style deli bread, drizzled with Greek honey (Attiki brand), and dusted with Ceylon Cinnamon (aka 'True' cinnamon).

Arugula salad daily with carrots, pecans, a little feta, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, oregano, in an olive and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Primary diet is beans, chick peas and lentils. Beans and chick peas made in a tomato based sauce - my wife is Italian - it is her own recipe. It includes hot banana peppers, pitted kalamata olives, baby spinach, onions, vermouth, and peeled Italian tomatoes (from a can), salt and pepper to taste. Alternates this recipe with chick peas instead of beans; Lentil soup 3 to 4 days per week; Also stuffed bell peppers with couscous, feta, chick peas, baked in oven.

Egg white omelette 4-5 days per week. I sauté in a pan in one teaspoon of olive oil, a little red onion, chopped green pepper, add one cup of liquid egg white, add salt and pepper, add pitted kalamata olives. Once omelette is firm top with crumbled Greek Feta, fold and place onto one slice of whole grain German style deli bread. Served with one sliced tomato, salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil, add crumbled feta, garnish with fresh basil.

Fish - salmon, trout and artic char - broiled; also canned skipjack tuna in water (less mercury in skipjack vs albacore).

Pasta once in a while, only whole wheat or 'spelt'; brown rice once in a while, potatoes (once in a while = once a month).

Exercise: 4 times per week (HIIT cardio (25 min. plus weight training 40 min.); on off days I walk one hour and do some push ups and sit ups.

Good luck to everyone.

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Thank you. I can give it a try.

If human body makes 80% cholesterol on demand and 20% from food and drinks intake then the question is, "How did you plan worked bring all the cholesterol numbers to below 50% as a proof of blood test?

I am looking for answers.

in reply to sandybrown

Perhaps it worked because the medical establishment has been chasing the wrong bogey for decades. Low-grade inflammation caused by too much glucose in the body is likely the real cause of CVD and not the consumption of saturated fats. I have been following a low animal fat, low carb diet since February of 2016 which covered both potential causes of CVD.

Low-grade inflammation is the body's response to a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. Inflammation can occur in every part of the body. For CVD, we focus on the cardio-vascular system. Once inflammation begins, there is excess production of cholesterol which is part of the body's immune response system. Through a major lifestyle change you can reduce or eliminate inflammation thus reducing the body's own generation of cholesterol. Inflammation is caused primarily by excess simple carbohydrates in a diet. A lack of exercise reduces the body's production of nitric oxide which serves to dilate the arteries and reduce blood pressure.

More details can be found in this excellent article written in Men's Health Magazine:

Good luck.

Dak-CB-UK, yes you can and I am sure any one can write to other members benefit.

Fantastic news! Well done


Thank you. Read this article:

There has been many articles on statin as a secondary medication. Primary is to control cholesterol, secondary is to help with blood flow after a heart problem. Please read the article "Statins help heart op patients to live longer" in today's copy of the mail.

in reply to sandybrown

There is nothing Statins do for your body that proper nutrition and exercise cannot. For those prepared to make the tough choices in life with respect to diet and exercise, there is an alternative to taking statins.

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