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The dreaded high LDL cholesterol!!

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For a good 30+ years I have had VERY high cholesterol readings . When I first discovered this , statins weren't even invented and all I was advised involved diet and exercise. This reduced it a little but I was fit, not overweight, no high blood pressure, no family history of heart attacks, etc, so I din't worry too much. About 10 years ago, my old now deceased mother had a stroke at age 80 and got macular degenation. 4 years ago, I decided to have a calcium score test and found that I had quite severe hardening of my heart arteries. I had asymptomatic atherosclerosis - often called the "Widowmaker" . I started out on statins (only 5 gms Crestor) with no problems and my cholesterol levels dropped considerably. But not as much as my GP wanted - so he put me on 10 Mg plus an Exetrol tablet - I will have a blood count this week and see how that has affected my levels

BUT - now I have lost the sight in my right eye - essentially from a Macular edema caused by a blocked retinal vein. The risk factors for this are, you guessed it, all the same risk factors as that for heart attacks and strokes. None of which I have - except for the cholesterol. If it were to happen in my other eye, I would be effectively blind. I will get a referral to my cardiologist to consider this new development. I would rather have the heart attack than go blind.

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Was/is your mother on statins too? If so, which ones? I'd be wondering about the effect of prescription drugs on eyesight.

Check out Dr Sam Berne.

And John Crittenden.

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Have you tried high dose vitamin C treatment? It has reduced my cholesterol by 17%.

Here's what I found on the internet on macular degeneration:

"Vitamin supplements

For people with intermediate or advanced disease, taking a high-dose formulation of antioxidant vitamins and minerals may help reduce the risk of vision loss, the American Academy of Ophthalmology says. Research shows benefit in a formulation that includes:

500 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C

400 international units (IU) of vitamin E

10 mg of lutein

2 mg of zeaxanthin

25 or 80 mg of zinc (as zinc oxide)

2 mg of copper (as cupric oxide)"


Here's an alternative medicine website with some guidance on Macular Degeneration:

"So what are the causes?

As people get older and get macular degeneration or other eye problems that their levels of two nutrient called lutein and zeaxanthin go down, as opposed to folks who keep healthful levels in their eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids from our foods that are present in the highest concentration in the retina. No other place in the body is higher.

Spinach is a wonderful source of lutein and the most potent form in supplements I've found is 20 mg Lutein (also contains zeaxanthin). Is important to note that improvement deteriorated if they discontinued the supplements.

And of course eating a lot of dark green leafy vegetables and not just relying solely on nutrients has improved vision in 71% of participants."

source: functionalmedicineuniversit...

and one more:

Good luck!

That is harsh for you. I don't know these drugs you mention but take it they are statins in some form. Good luck with those results.

Forget Cholesterol. I don’t take Statins even after heart attack Fine now Exercise Exercise and Exercise is Wonder Medicine

Over the past 5 years, I run 5 times per week - a total of around 3-4 hours per week - plus go to the gym. This has had no impact on my cholesterol levels at all - although I have lost weight, trimmed down and feel physically "fit" . It is only since I started taking statins that I have seen a reduction in my seriously high LDL. I suspect that exercise is good for increasing HDL and for lowering triglycerides .

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sandybrown in reply to Bazza1234

Hello, I feel very sorry for what you have gone through, you have given all of us what to look for from your experience. Thank you for all you information.

Food intake is the answer to all medical problems. I had an email on a book , what to eat for eye problems, I am sorry I cannot find this information. Eat plenty of green veg and pink (red) skin sweet potato.

I am 72, I went for my 2 year eye test, I had a shock when the Boots optician (UK) told me I need a referral for a check up, two months of worry, I went to see the specialist, all OK, no problem found!!!!!

I have a worry, because of my het fever I do a lot of cough and sneezing very hard, This can give may problems to the eye. Eye drops and nasal spray for hey fever.

I have to watch out for this, I have been offered hey fever shots after 35 years, I found out that side effect is very bad!!"!!

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Bazza1234 in reply to sandybrown

WE have a health system here in Australia - where a checkup/eyeglass prescription is free every year or two ( can't remember now) - but after that you are on your own , I went to a private opthamologist and paid for it. I am also paying for the expensive eye injections as wife and I do not have private health insurance ( which in itself is very expensive) . I recommend people do not wait to investigate eye problems - my 2 month wait ( self imposed) has caused me to go blind in one eye. Macular problems caused by retinal bleeding problems caused by plaque in the arteries/veins progress VERY quickly

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Bazza1234 in reply to sandybrown

Sandy - no amount of eating anything is going to cure a blocked retinal vein - nor a blocked artery elsewhere.

You are right. Taking statins could be dangerous and must be avoided specially one has initial level or moderate cholesterol risk. Healthy diet combined with light exercise is the key to control cholesterol. One must consume a diet rich in fibers such as whole grain food, salad, fruits, oatmeal etc. as advised Dr. Janet Brill, health, nutrition and fitness expert. You only need dedication to switch to a healthy lifestyle.

Dear , My sincere suggestion , Pl consider stopping Statins. with your Doc on board After severe heart attack. In 2011 , I took Statins only for 2 years and after careful study , I stoped .Today I am fine .Of course I have Very Strict regime of Exercise, Meditation ,etc

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