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'No evidence' having high levels of bad cholesterol causes heart disease. Where do we go now?


'No evidence' having high levels of bad cholesterol causes heart disease.

Claim 17 cardiologists as they call on doctors to 'abandon' statins

•Researchers have warned statins offer no protection to millions of people

•The findings add to the ever-growing row over the cholesterol-busting pills

•High levels of LDL-C has been considered a major cause of heart disease

•The new study, of almost 1.3 million patients, shows there is no such link.

An article in the copy of Mail on line.

By Stephen Matthews Assistant Health Editor For Mailonline

Published: 13:07, 17 September 2018, sorry not giving a link to click!

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Link here


All I know is a lump of something fell off a artery or vessel and blocked the flow to my heart. Stopped my heart 5 times. Lucky to be alive. Find out what caused this and off we go.

Sandy - I think that there is really no evidence for most things regarding our physical bodies. All there is are "studies" that may or may not show some association of something with some other thing. These studies often contradict one another. One study supposedly shows that the ingestion of CoQ10 improves athletic performance while another study comes to the conclusion that it doesn't. Why do some people who have never smoked get lung cancer??? Nobody knows but it is commonly said that smoking is strongly associated with lung cancer. Are we going to use the example of the people who get lung cancer while never having smoked as a reason to continue smoking???? I ignored my very high cholesterol readings for over 30 years - after listening to the doomsayers and naysayers of statin usage. I thought that good lifestyle would be my saviour - and it kind of was. No evidence or symptoms of heart disease and a healthy body. But my body was NOT healthy - slowly slowly it built up cardiac plaque until it calcified to a level where the medicos were assessing my risk of a heart attack in the next 5 years to be around 30%. What is the risk of my dying by car accident over the next 5 years?? So - in my opinion NOBODY knows and it is up to individuals to do whatever they decide to do. For me , I decided that I would finally listen to the medicos and have reduced my cholesterol readings to where they say they should be. It's not going to cure me - and even if it does delay or prevent my death by heart attack , something else is eventually going to get me. :)

Stu888 in reply to Bazza1234

I agree that it is up to individuals to make their own informed choices on their health however the problem is that monetary gain always has a way of distorting information so that one has to makes decisions based on biased information. This goes for both statin supporters and also statin haters. I like many are stuck in the middle and don't know which way to turn. The only thing we all do know for 100% sure is that something will get us sooner or later!

It's true there is allot of contradicting studies out there. For reassurance get a CAC test done to rule out calcified plaque. Doesn't help vulnerable plaque but better than bloods. Get inflammatory markers checked Although it's still confusing why is plaque found in one vessel and not others right sometimes ? I personally believe our bodies can heal themselves and you need to look at all stressors food, exercise, environment, job etc

Here's some good reading

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