Two Possible Cholesterol Aids

I recently found two substances that may be of help for high cholesterol. One is pcynogenol - if the spelling's correct. It helps prevent a protein from forming that helps cause cholesterol and it good for keeping the arteries flexible to help prevent "hardening of the arteries." The other substance is vitamin K2 not K1 or K3. It helps keep calcium in the bones and teeth instead of going to the arteries and it also keep the arteries flexible. However, it's very important that you check with your doctor before taking the K2 if you're taking a blood thinner because the combination could cause a serious side effect. I've been taking them for a few weeks and I feel like they're helping. Please keep me apprised. Thank you. Good luck.


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  • Why do you want to lower cholesterol?

    According to the latest information we need cholesterol for our body to function!

    How do you explain the heart problem in young people  in sports, cricket, foot ball and army person doing a marathon?

  • Some people are just going to have a heart attack. Its just how they are built. Young or old its just how it is. What do you think the reason is ?????

  • None of us or any tests that can tell us the real problem with our body, "It is investigation" and finding, try this or that.

    It is the make up of human body that gives health problems. Even doctors and medical professors do have medical problems and the people who do the investigation or an operation can get it wrong!

    I have been there with my brother.

  • I would appreciate and explanation for the reasons that you can think of. Thanks.

  • I think some people are born with hidden health problems that come top light later on in their bodies. It is not age dependant or lifestyle dependant it just how they are made up. Could be hereditary even.

  • In the last two years I have appreciated that the human body is actually made up of many very sophisticated organs and cells and that there is a very fine balance. Consequently I believe that one thin going out of kilter or having issues can cause a chain reaction and cause other things to go out of alignment. Some organs are clever and do self adjustments but equally can cause other problems. A further complication is the circulation systems which can be impaired by so many problems / medicines. 

  • Very well put. Over the last two years I have learned a lot on free online learning on health.

    Now there is a course feed as medicine, last week exercise as prescription.

    Now NHS is saying, NHS health check for 40-70 years has been a waste of time and money!

    Who do you trust.

  • Thanks for compliment. It was a bit slow typing as I am in hospital and using iPhone. Would have written more if on PC.

  • Please get well soon.

  • Thanks

  • That's like saying why get up and do anything. We can't just stay home and waste away. It's very pessimistic. Some people are born with a penchant towards a health problem due to familial history. It's best to keep monitoring it and try to control it. 

  • Yes we need cholesterol but it has been shown in tests to block arteries and cause heart attacks and strokes that's why some people need bypasses and stents. The reason why some healthy people collapse and die while doing a physically stressful activity is mostly likely because they had a very minor irregular heart beat that didn't show up in a test because it was very minor but when the heart was put under pressure it caused a heart attack.

  • A young person with familial hypercholesterolaemia might be keen to keep an eye on cholesterol levels as they are more prone to heart attack but this reduces with age so, ultimately, the group as a whole has the same average life expectancy.  Not a lot of compensation for the youngster who wants to live the same type of lifestyle as their peer group though.

  • I know this is a site for people concerned about cholesterol but should the emphasis be more on calcium in the artery linings and how to avoid it building up?

  • Joseph, you are barking up the wrong tree. Your body needs cholesterol and the whole issue is one huge con! Check out Zoe Harcombe and Dr Malcolm Kendrick.

  • Taking vitamin K2 should reduce the deposition of calcium in your arteries, the taking of statins, blocks the production of vitamin K2 amongst other things.  I think the theory is that the calcium deposited in the arteries stabilises the plaques.  I believe there was a study in rats that showed vitamin K2 reversed calcium in the arteries.

  • I know we need cholesterol but too much of anything will cause trouble. And it has been shown in monitors in medical tests that cholesterol and calcium do block arteries and cause heart attacks and strokes which is why people need bypasses and stents. I've also heard about young healthy people collapsing and dying while playing a sport even though a physical exam didn't show any problems. That most likely was do an irregular heart beat that was so minor it wasn't detected during a regular exam but when they started playing a sport it put extra stress and pressure on the heart that caused a heart attack as sad as it is.

  • OK, today copy of the Mail has an article, money has been wasted by NHS health check for people between the age of 40-74!!

    People in power asked for it to make money?

    Is HNS planning another test programme?

    Is the TV advertisement going to make human health any better?

    Many more questions. Who do we trust?

  • I take D3/K2 every other day and aspirin every day (35mg I think) nobody mentioned that there could be some kind of serious effect and I've been taking both for over 4 years. What is the source of your info please?

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