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Cholesterol results

Hi I wonder if someone can help me, I have just got the results of my yearly blood test. I have had a letter from my GP to say my cholesterol is high, my serum cholesterol is 5.6mmol, serum HDL 2.4mmol, serum HDL ratio 2.3. I am taking atorvastatin 10mg, I also take ramipril 5mg and lercandidipine 10mg for high blood pressure. It says on my results form ( interpret in line with risk table) would appreciate if someone could give me some information. Thank you

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There are many factors to consider. Limited information. The only person who has your full medical records is your GP and he is the only person who can offer you advice.

It is possible there is a risk table in your GP practice, like QRISK or JBS3 risk calculators.

The question is what is in the risk table?


What reason did your doctor give for prescribing statins?

What was your cholesterol result before taking the statins?

What was/is your BP?


I have been taking statins for about 5 years, the same time I was prescribed high blood pressure tablets. My blood pressure has been stable, till about 6 months ago. It has been getting higher and higher my readings have been up to 200/105 . My cholesterol has never been lower than 5, the doctor has given me a healthy eating leaflet. I believe my diet is pretty good, I eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Any advice would be appreciated


Cholesterol of 5 doesn't seem high to me.

What was your cholesterol level before you were prescribed statins?

Did your doctor do a proper thyroid profile which would have, at the very least, included FT3, FT4 and TSH?

Did your doctor do blood tests to check inflammation levels?

Did your doctor advise you to cut back on wheat, gluten, flour, sugar?

Did your doctor suggest taking Magnesium?

Statins are known to cause negative side-effects, including depleting the heart muscle and cells of CoQ10. Did your doctor prescribe, or advise you to take, CoQ10?


Hi, thank you for your reply. I was diagnosed with Graves' disease in 2006. I had RAI treatment, I didn't need thyroxine. I have been having yearly blood tests, tsh 3.3, t4 14. My gp hasn't mentioned taking any other supplements, or cutting down on any foods. My cholesterol before I took statins was 6.2. I feel so tired and have put over 2 stone on in weight, my gp just says my TFTS are within normal limits. Thank you


Finally, we get to the thyroid.

You are legally entitled to a printout of your lab results and the reference ranges that they each come with.

I suggest you ignore your doctor's verdict i.e. that your results are "within normal limits".

At the very least, you need the lab printouts of thyroid tests which include FT3, FT4 and TSH. I suspect your doctor didn't test FT3. Most "doctors" don't.

You also need lab printouts of your Vitamin D3 level and ref. range, and Vitamin B12 and ref. range.

Always get your lab printouts of lab results with their associated ref. ranges, as different labs have different ref. ranges.

I guess your doctor didn't explain that cholesterol levels are related to, and governed by, the thyroid gland? The liver is where most of the thyroid hormone conversion takes place, so the liver is also relevant.

When you have your lab printouts, visit the Thyroid UK forum on this site, and post your results and ref. ranges on that forum and request opinions/advice.


Thank you for all that information I really appreciate it

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LindyLou, you're welcome.

You'll receive further opinions/advice on the Thyroid UK forum if you post your question with your lab results and ref. ranges.

Good luck. πŸ––πŸ»

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Don't take any advice here until you have seen your doctor again. Then maybe.......


Bottom line- It I imperative that we all need advice and guidance from a doctor, GP and a consultant!

This is because the all have access to full medical record. In a forum like this it is easy to go on a tangent!

I can talk about what works for me, this does not mean that it can work for another person as our human body react differently every time to food or medication.


Thank you for your emails, does anybody follow a specific diet, to help reduce cholesterol. I try and eat a healthy diet, but must admit I don't do any planned exercise. I'm 61 years of age and need to lose 2 stone in weight, any advice appreciated


From what I have learned is portion size is very important, to start with you have to measure every food item you prepare for one meal, nothing in between meals, very difficult.

They say porridge is good for you for breakfast cooked in water or milk.

Lunch, scrambled eggs, grilled fish or chicken with cooked veg.

Dinner again grilled or steamed fish or chicken and veg.

Very balanced meal.

Starting and controlling portion size can be a problem.

Set a target, 5% of total weight first, set time as well.

Regular exercise is also very important.

Free and hidden sugar in food and drink, read the label and check the sugar content, try and avoid sugar as much as possible.

Internet has photos showing how much sugar in very drink and pre prepared food.

I go a small plate, small cup and small dish to start, did not have any second helping, nothing between meals, it was very difficult, I can just walk to the coffee shop to buy what even I want at my work place. For a while I had an Avocado and orange fruit and water only for lunch. It worked!!!


Wow you seem very focused and disciplined, I noticed you didn't mention having any bread, rice, pasta or potatoes. I'll certainly have to really cut down and try to change my life style, thank you


Hi.55Lindylou what you want is a copy of your results and find a professional examinor to advise you what you need. so many push out drugs to gain money on prescriptions as they average around Β£9 each prescription. so yes and I know why you are concerned or better still ask Healthunlocked.


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