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High Cholesterol

Can anyone please advise on how to lower Cholesterol without taking statins which I have tried and will never try again. I am unsure if my test result readings are to be really worried about. At the moment I am on the L CHF diet lost 7 ponds in 2 weeks but I am starting to struggle on it.

Serum Cholesterol 7.2

Serum Triglycerides 2.4

Serum HDL cholesterol level 1.6

Non HDL cholesterol level 5.6

Total cholesterol HDL ratio 4.5

Serum LDL cholesterol level 4.5

thank you to anyone who can give their opinion on my results 😊

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Thank you so much for the link, much appreciated 😊👍

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Are you overweight at all? If so, I'd start with losing weight if you can. Your triglycerides are a bit high, so try to avoid sugary foods, refined carbohydrates (white bread, pasta, white flour, biscuits, cakes etc) and all but a very moderate intake of alcohol. Try to eat plenty of vegetables and high fibre foods like beans

There are various diets you can try that lower cholesterol, but they don't work for everyone.

Here's a piece in the BBC which explains more about cholesterol lowering diets.

Oh and try to do as much exercise as you can - this will help your overall health

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Yes I am 3+ stone overweight been on the LCHF diet for past 2 weeks and lost 7lbs starting to struggle with the diet now but will not go back to over indulging chocolate, deserts etc. Have started exercising on total trainer as I have osteoarthritis so hoping to strengthen knee muscles along with having a tread mill being delivered next week and with the diet my blood sugar monitor is reading as low as 5.6 to 9 maximum and before the diet started the readings were in the 10 to 18 range.

Thank you for your information much appreciated 😊👍


Just a thought about exercise. If you have knee problems you don't to do exercises that put your center of gravity directly over your knees as running does. A recumbent bike or swimming are the best exercises if you have knee problems.


LCHF doesn't work for everyone.

Cutting out the sugar and refined carbs/wheat as "Idontbelieveit" has suggested is a good place to start, and may be enough. If you are struggling with weight, try cutting out dairy as well.


research niacin B3 it works good luck


High cholesterol, high blood glucose and other high numbers after blood tests.

Life style change, food & drinks intake control and regular exercise if you can do it will help. Just keep an eye on the numbers with 5 monthly blood tests. Overall good health is important. In my case now I have to keep an eye on uric acid level!!!


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