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High Cholesterol but high HDL

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Hi - confused! My total cholesterol is 6.45 mmol/l

However my HDL is 2.83 mmol/l and LDL is 2.93 mmol/l.

HDL C Ratio is 2.38 and Small LDL Cholesterol is 26.11 mg/dl

All the results came in as okay except for 6.45 overall level. Not spoken to my GP yet but wondered if anyone else had such odd results. To get to below 5 total cholesterol I will need to reduce LDL to 1.48 and is this achievable by diet? I've no other health problems and am reasonably fit

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HDL is a scavenger of LDL particles, therefore you are in good shape. The total cholesterol value is not important.

Your triglycerides are most important - what is their value?

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Dixiechick88 in reply to sos007

Thanks for the reply. I am getting it retested this week as did not realise total cholesterol was 5.6 in July and has jumped to 6.45 in November. May be down to high pain medication I was on so doc rechecking results. Just in case...

I meant to say I've been off pain medication for about 6 weeks now as problem gone - trapped nerve in neck - temporary prob but extremely painful.

Dixie, what is your Vitamin D level?

It was a trapped nerve in neck. V painful but is sorted now and not on any medication. But did end up taking lots of pain stuff in the last 3 months so hoping when I get retested tomorrow results will be better. Morphine patches, tramadol and some muscle relaxants

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sos007Ambassador in reply to Dixiechick88

Whenever you are experiencing pain your body has a response to the inflammatory condition. Cholesterol levels may be increased due to inflammation. Take 3,000 mg of vitamin C daily, spread out throughout the day. Ideally, 1,000 mg of time-released tablets, before each meal. Your body needs Vitamin C to produce collagen which is an alternative repair mechanism within the body's immune system.

Vitamin C and cholesterol are inversely related. So the more Vitamin C you take, the lower will be your cholesterol, to a point.

As previously stated, your total cholesterol is of no value. Keep your triglycerides low by avoiding sugar and simple carbohydrates in your diet. This will also lower your LDL cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol does not cause disease, disease causes your body to produce more cholesterol to repair damage to cells. If you address the cause of the disease, then your cholesterol values will naturally fall.

Get the pinched nerve in your neck looked after and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle and you won't have to worry about cholesterol.

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Dixiechick88 in reply to sos007

Thanks so much for all the info. Very helpful. Will defo increase my Vitamin C.

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sos007Ambassador in reply to Dixiechick88

the best way for the body to absorb vitamin C, without doing an IV, is through liposomal technology. If you want to learn more click here:


Good luck.

P.S. This is what I use.

No idea about my Vitamin D level

Duh! I've just remembered that I take Natecal D3 twice a day for low bone density. I take 600 mg x 2. Just looking at the bottle now and it contains vitamin D and calcium. I was on one a day but increased to 2 a day in July. Could this have spiked my cholesterol levels in the last 3 months? Though having a quick look on here and it seems to indicate that Vitamin D helps cholesterol levels? Any thoughts as I'm totally new to this website.


It would be helpful if you could provide a link to the exact Vit D product you're taking.


Thanks for your help. Check it out and see what you think. It's just odd that my level went from 5.6 to 6.45 in 3 months ... did coincide with doubling the dose of Natecal from one - 2 a day. Just checking my diary and I started new dose end of July and July cholesterol test was just before this. However was an extremely stressful period in my life so this could have attributed? Stress all gone now.

Below information is from the Internet:

The cholesterol blood test is a guess.

The standard blood test can only measure total cholesterol & HDL.

Other values are calculated.

Did you ever get this looked into? My HDL is even higher at 3.9, and its been flagged up by my rheumatologist. Its not normal to have HDL this high, it's associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and they have only been researching it in the last few years. Yours is extremely high, for scale. Mine is through the roof. Heart UK can talk to you about this.

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