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Do these cholesterol levels need further treatment or are they okay? Aged 21


Hi, I recently had a blood test at work and haven't had chance to take the results to my GP yet. I should start by saying I have a family history of heart disease/problems. My maternal grandmother had a stroke in her late 40s and died of a heart attack aged 54. My mother is displaying signs of what could be early heart problems (she's 48) but she refuses to go to the GP so we may not find out until something happens. I am 21 and female.

My blood test results (I have put the ranges in brackets):

Serum cholesterol 3.3mmol/L (<4.0), Serum HDL cholesterol level 1.1mmol/L (>1.2), Serum triglycerides 1.5mmol/L (0.3-1.8), Serum LDL cholesterol level 1.5mmol/L (<2.0), Serum cholesterol/HDL ratio 3 (<6), Se non HDL cholesterol level 2.2mmol/L.

It seems like the only one that isn't within range is the HDL level but I'm not sure what this means. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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It's good to have triglycerides at the lower end, and HDL at the higher end.

Your cholesterol seems low... unless this is some new lab conversion that I'm unaware of?

Are you on any medications for any conditions?

What is your Vit D3 and Vit B12 lab result and ref. range?

Do you have thyroid lab results and ref. ranges?

I am just on vitamin D due to a deficiency, my level was 33.7 (50-250). My B12 was 265 (160-820) and Serum free T4 level was 14.7pmol/L (9.5-22.0), Serum TSH level 1.8mU/L (0.50-4.40).

If your Vit D3 was 33.7 NMOL, you should get into and maintain it in the range of 100-175 NMOL (equal to 40-70 NG).

Vit B12 should be no less than 500.

Post all your lab results WITH ref. ranges, inc. TSH and FT4 and FT3, and nutritients, on the Thyroid UK forum:-

I know my B12 is lower than it should be, the first time it was checked in Feb 2018 it was 167, they wouldn't treat it because it was in the ranges, and they still wont now even though I'm having symptoms. I will do that with my thyroid levels thanks, but can I just ask why you recommend I do that? Just that I thought they were normal and didn't need extra evaluation. Tha k you :)

So why aren't you buying Vit B12, or Vit B Complex with extra B12? 🤔

As for Vit D3, what daily dose have you been taking since your lab test was found to be 33.7 NMOL?

If the thyroid is even slightly slow it underfuntioning, it will affect the cholesterol/lipids levels, in addition to many other things. Therefore, if/when someone's cholesterol is elevated, it's sensible to do a complete thyroid profile inc. FT3, FT4, TSH as part of the investigative process. However, according to my experience and observations, most/many clinicians are pretty inept at correctly evaluating the thyroid lab results, so they glibly tell most people that the thyroid results were "normal", even when they weren't.

Post ALL of your recent lab results and ref. ranges on the Thyroid UK forum and ask for their opinions.

I have been taking Vit b12 supplements, although admittedly not as often as I should, sometimes I forget.

Ah I see, that's very helpful thank you! I will do.

At your age you need to consult your GP, it is very good your work place blood test gave detailed information !!, normally it is only total cholesterol.

You an ask your GP to do a risk analysis, QRISK or JBS3. You may need other blood numbers as well.

Your GP should offer guidance towards life style consideration.

Okay I will do that thanks! I work at a GP practice so I got one of the other nurses to do the blood test for me and just sent it off haha so that's why I got detailed results. Thank you

We are legally entitled to our lab results with the ref. ranges.

In this case you can get a print out and use your ipad to photo the results and give all the details.

You need to book an appointment to see your own GP to go further!

May be one of the HCP can do all other blood check and do a JBS3 rick analysis.

I am very sorry to sat this you are playing with fire!!!, there are many people who need HNS blood tests are unable to get full blood tests on NHS because of the cost.

Hi, if you have high cholesterol, you need not worry. Follow a healthy lifestyle by eating fiber rich food like oatmeal, almonds, fruits and also a light workout. This would surely help you with your problem. Generally few cholesterol lowering medications can have serious side effects. It is better to incorporate safer method of controlling cholesterol. Healthy diet combined with light exercise is the key to control cholesterol. One must consume a diet rich in fibers such as whole grain food, salad, fruits, oatmeal etc. as advised Dr. Janet Brill, health, nutrition and fitness expert. You only need dedication to switch to a healthy lifestyle.


Your metrics appear to be very good you do not have any concerns at present. As a young person you should develop good dietary and lifestyle habits and maintain them throughout your life. This includes daily exercise as simple as walking for 30 to 60 minutes per day.

Your triglycerides although in the acceptable range should be a little lower. Try reducing your consumption of anything that contains sugar - limit to once per week. Foods that are high in simple carbohydrates should also be limited to once a week.

The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle diet, not necessarily designed for weight loss.

Watch this informative video on sugar - 13 minutes:

Good luck and spread this information to your family members.

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