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Cholesterol results still high after 12 months.

My cholesterol has gone from 7.8 to 7 with an HDL 1.4 and LDL 4.5. My cholesterol has always been 6 something for about 20 years and at the time the nurse said it was okay? I always eat a very healthy diet, having a sweet treat sometimes at the weekend. I eat plenty of fruit and veg. I refuse to go on statins even though the nurse says there is a new drug that I could have instead. I take aspirin each day because I have a slightly calcified artery which only showed itself when I had a scan for my lungs. How can I better the HDL and LDL? Also meant to say, I have been exercising a lot more these days.

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Cholesterol numbers, the numbers do go up as we get older, it is a slow process to bring it down.

The questions is why do we want to bring it down? LCHF food intake and exercising on a daily basis can give good health. Food intake "SUGAR" watch out for hidden sugar.

Are you okay with other health indicators? Try and enjoy life.


I like your last comment, my husband read it and said 'told you so'!


Hi jeny

Saturated fat lowers LDL as does eating a low carb diet.

Avoid sugar, although a little treat now and again shouldn't hurt.

I can highly recommended coconut oil, use for cooking instead of vegetable oil.

Eat oily fish to raise HDL if your not keen on fish

then perhaps take Omega 3 supplement.

Please avoid all LOW FAT foods as they are high in sugar. Eggs are excellent for increasing HDL.

Your reading for Triglcerides is quite high NHS recommend is 1.7 so I'd concentrate on lowering this number. This can be done by avoiding all fats like veg oil, sunflower oil etc. just use coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and plain old fashioned lard, I use goose fat for roasting and frying much healthier than processed oils. This will help to lower your Triglcerides .

Good luck and keep us posted


Hi, How did you arrive at 1.7 for Triglicerides? I'm not too good with all these figures!


Usually LDL is calculated from Total Cholesterol-HDL - (Triglycerides divided by 5). I tried rearranging this and came up with TG/5=TC-HDL-LDL (I have been wrong before though ;-) ). This would give triglycerides of 5.5, which as Bala said is (very) high.

You need to control your carbohydrate intake to bring down triglycerides; triglycerides, as the name implies are three fatty acid molecules joined by a glyc-(carbohydrate) molecule, so removing one carbohydrate molecule is three times as effective at lowering triglycerides as removing a fatty acid molecule..

Fructose glycosylates haemoglobin (makes blood sticky) seven times as much as glucose, so vegetables tend to be preferable to fruit for instance.

Based on an average, keep carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions per day (1 portion = 10g carbohydrate), ideally 3 meals x 4 carb portions. Follow this link uk.sitestat.com/diabetes/we...

Eat low GI carbs, reducing intake of fructose too, for the reasons outlined. Follow this link glycemicindex.com/

Make up the balance of your meals with natural, additive-free, unprocessed protein and fat foods such as meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, coconut oil, palm oil (not hydrogenated), olive oil, butter, duck fat, goose fat, and lard.

How does your 'healthy eating' compare to this?


It's TG over 2 in England!

Thus I have

HDL 1.3

Trigs 1.1

LDL 5.6

Total cholesterol 7.4

5.6+1.3 =6.9, TG/2 =O.55 (they've obviously rounded down).


I think I've got my head round this now. Loved the sitestat link - have it printed and up on the kitchen wall!


It's NHS guidelines, if you want more info re cholesterol differences or figures I'm happy to explain just let me know :-)


eep off the processed margarines and oils. Have butter, olive oil and rapeseed oil - eat natural diet with lots of fruit and veg, preferably organic, watch those juices, only have one a day. Drink water, organic teas a coffees, and enjoy your sweet treats - honey is good as a sugar replacement. Home baking is good, with home baked bread. That is the way I go anyway. My C is 6.8 with HDL 2.3 and LDL 3.8 with Trigs. 0.7. Do not intend to take statins and walk daily to keep fit. I am also having 1 oz of mixed fresh nuts every day and an apple - supposed to be almost a statin replacement!


Yes, I only use butter now and olive oil for any frying (minimal). I am also eating more nuts and at least 3 portions of fruit every day, but when you say 'fresh nuts', are packet nuts okay?


Provided they are additive free; soaking them may reduce toxins too.


Hi Jenny, that doesn't sound too bad. A key thing is your ratio of LDL divided by HDL - in your case this is good since it is less than 4.

Your cholesterol goes up as you age anyway.


I was diagnosed with severe heart disease with 3 blocked arteries in the heart one 60%/70% and 90% 3 years ago and my cholesterol level was 8.4. I refused a triple heart bypass and since then I have taken plant sterols and COQ10 and never touched a statin ( although I am still given them on prescription ) I also walk30mins each day and play golf 2 or 3 times a week and my cholesterol level is between 4.11 and 5.8 which depends on what I have eaten. All people on statins should take COQ10 as statins stop your body producing it, hopes this helps


HI Jeni, me again.Just to also say I only cook with RICE BRAN OIL as it is the healthiest oil of all as it will not turn to trans fats at high temperatures I also use it for baking and roasting. And instead of margarine or butter I use garlic infused olive oil/olive oil or rice bran oil on toast or bread and salads


Thanks, I've never heard of rice bran oil - shall give it a try.


Perhaps check out the manufacturing process before you decide. It also has a high level of Omega 6.

Another alternative is coconut oil if you do not want to use animal fats. I have gone back to using lard and butter, or ghee.


Nuts that have not been roasted or salted are fine - make sure they are as fresh as possible - check best before dates on packets! :) As someone who has had to go dairy free due to intolerances nearly 3 years ago I have seen a change in my figures. My HDL went up and my LDL went down but my overall figure stayed the same! I have now found that if you divide your total Cholesterol with your HDL figure you should be under 4 - if you are then things are going OK. Also the BMI figures are now "old hat" - it is thought that your waist measurement is the one to consider so if your waist measurement is half your height or less you are on the right lines! These easier sums are better for my frazzled brain to absorb! An apple a day keeps the Dr away - a very old saying but one that is now being readily accepted - apples are seen as a natural alternative to taking statins and along with an 1oz of mixed nuts a day are excellent for overall health. Best of health to you all.


Eating oats worked for me. I have an oat-based cereal (low in sugar) most mornings and put them on crumbles, in mince and anything else I can think of. Also when I bake cakes I substitute 1oz flour for 1oz of ground almonds. It took a year but I went from 6.8 to 4.8. Good luck


I eat porridge most mornings and must admit been tempted to put oats in lots of other things too; will do so now!


Hi Jeni, Apart from exercise to keep my cholesterol down I take plant sterols which help lower cholesterol and COQ10 300mg per day, vitamin B3 raises good cholesterol and lowers bad, flaxseed oil too and also eat a lot of oily fish and I cut down as much fat intake as possible. As for the calcified artery look up serrapeptase I have just received mine as I think it might help the blocked arteries in my heart . Hope this helps


Hi Jeny, When you make your porridge try rice milk as it has lower fat content than other milk and is healthier.


I disagree. Rice milk raises insulin levels which is definitely not healthier; high-insulin levels cause growth of the endothelial layers of blood vessels, as well as promoting fat storage.

The demonising of natural fats has resulted in consumption of processed foods, touted as healthy, that are not good for us.

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I agree with concerned Mario, it's much healthy to have full fat milk, it's actually unhealthy to eat a low fat diet.

Saturated fat, animal fat ( goose & Duck) and even lard as long as it originates from animals is excellent for our health.

Olive oil is also good but really shouldn't be used for frying or roasting.

I understand where you beliefs are coming from, but I assure you the medical and food companies have it all wrong regarding saturated fat. New research and studies show it's extremely unhealthy to eat a low fat diet.


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