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Serum Cholesterol Levels


My cholesterol level is 6 with

Triglycerides at 1.96

HDL at 1.27

LDL at 3.8

Serum cholesterol/HDL ratio at 4.7

Non HDL Cholesterol at 4.73

Please advise

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Below is UK, NHS guide lines:

What should my cholesterol levels be?

Blood cholesterol is measured in units called millimoles per litre of blood, often shortened to mmol/L.

As a general guide, total cholesterol levels should be:

•5mmol/L or less for healthy adults

•4mmol/L or less for those at high risk

As a general guide,

LDL levels should be:

•3mmol/L or less for healthy adults

•2mmol/L or less for those at high risk

An ideal level of HDL is above 1mmol/L. A lower level of HDL can increase your risk of heart disease.

Your ratio of total cholesterol to HDL may also be calculated. This is your total cholesterol level divided by your HDL level. Generally, this ratio should be below four,

As a higher ratio increases your risk of heart disease.

However, cholesterol is only one risk factor and the level at which specific treatment is required will depend on whether other risk factors, such as smoking and high blood pressure, are also present.

The only person who can advice you is your GP, you can look at life style change for a healthy life. Watching out for free sugar, hidden sugar in food and also regular exercise. There are many write up on food portions, fresh food, fruits and veg. different person write different information on different days. You body can let you know what quantity and what food your can eat!!

Try to eat 1/3 food, 1/3 water and 1/3 empty for few weeks and you can notice the difference.

Enjoy one life.

Bala the formatting of your post is confusing as the bullet points in from of the numbers could be confused for decimal points.

point taken!

When a copy and past is carried out HU, IT system can miss "space" character!

In my reply all the numbers are whole number and no decimal point in it!!!!

Dear Bala,

Thank you very much.

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IMHO your Triglycerides are a bit high, I would try a low carb high fat diet, this should have the effect of increasing HDL and lowering your triglycerides (and you loose weight which is also good for the heart - and you don't need to count calories either). There is a lot of stuff on the internet that advises ladies not to lower their cholesterol as they claim there are no benefits. There are a couple of very good lectures by Ken Sikaris on youtube which might help. If you are really interested you could google "the fat emperor" this blog carries a lot of interviews with doctors etc which support this lifestyle change.

thank you very much

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Low carb nay not be as good as you think

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Two Laws of Nutrition

The work of Dr Price and numerous other researchers over the last century has been remarkably consistent and has revealed two fundamental laws of nutrition.

These are:

1. Food is most nutritious in its natural state (as described in the appendix)

2. Each person has totally unique requirements for foods based on their genetic heritage and lifestyle.

This applies to the macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat) and to micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements).

These two simple rules should form the basis of any nutritional guidelines. If these laws are not obeyed, we can be absolutely certain that disease and degeneration will occur.

Unfortunately, nutritional advice in the 21st century is heavily influenced by politics and commercial interests. While this is the case, the general public will be subjected to a continuous deterioration in health.

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If you look at the link on a mobile phone it has less detail the last two paragraphs summarise the studies and come to the conclusion that the 21 studies show that LC is a good diet to follow. If one looks at the detail then some of the studies show that after long periods of carb restriction that the change in weight compared with LF may not be statistically significant. LC diets are generally not calorie restricting and therefore tend to be easier to stick to, but only time will tell if LCHF is the best for me.

Fasting triglyceride levels should be below 2 mmol/L for both men and women.

HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) should be over 1.2 mmol/L for a woman and over 1 mmol/L for a man.

Higher levels confer more protection against heart disease.

Again consult your GP on the levels and ask for a qrisk analysis.


Triglyceride level indicates that you have a diet that is high in sugar and simple carbohydrates such as white bread, white rice, white potatoes, as well as potentially eating too many packaged foods. You may also be consuming sugary beverages like soft drinks and fruit juices as well as possibly alcohol.

Dramatically reduce your consumption of these things and ensure you take a brisk walk daily for 30 minutes.

Click on the link below and read all of my posts:

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thank you very much


Nobody should be advising anybody on this website to pursue a 'high fat' diet. Although it may work for some, it doesn't work for all. Certain genotypes react negatively to 'high fat' diets. One dietary guideline that everybody can safely abide by is to lower sugar and simple carbohydrate consumption.

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