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Post test results for Ezetrol 10 mg

I promised my partner, my heart specialist to test this product in order to lower my supposedly high cholesterol (total chol. 7,74; HDL :1,66; LDLc: 5,4; Tri.:1,49 mmol) . As I couldn't put up with terrible cramp with Atorvastine I was to try the Ezetrol, so I did a 2 month trial. This is what happened: first week or 2 no symptoms, then the various pain in muscle, joints all over my body started, not to mention a real fatigue all over, the pains were especially at night. Then after 7 weeks of trial I forgot to take the famous pill one day and the next day on waking I realised I was no longer experiencing pains, I then realised my forgotten pill of the day before. The difference was really obvious, so I had my blood test done to check the difference in the cholesterol levels just to see if anything had really happened during my 2 months of Ezetrol. Results Total cholesterol: 6,37; HDL: 1,46; LDL: 4,13; TRI. :1,48 mmol. I dont know about you but that seems to me to be a small change. What do you think? In any case no more statins for me , no more Ezetrol neither. My heart is fine, there are no plaque deposits in my arteries, and my mother with her relatively high cholesterol is now 92...so what's all the fuss about? Any suggestions would be welcome. I think I'll stick to a hezlthy low sugar, low gluten, few egg, low lactose diet and exercise with lots of organic fruit, veg, nuts and my glass of wine each day. Hey I do take supplements such as vit B's, Co-enzyme Q10, selenium, zinc, vit C, E ,A... my thyroid seems to be a little better with them (Tsh3 gen.2,87; T4L : 0,6; T3L: 2,4). Sorry my text is long, but I dont write often.

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It is your body and your choice vivbr so, as long as you have the information to make informed choices, the decision is yours.

One herbal remedy that brought my total cholesterol levels down from 7.2 to 5.2 in just one year was Kyolic garlic tablets. I have had no side effects with them but, having been told by lipid experts that they could not have been the reason for the drop I stopped - and my levels rose. I started again and my levels dropped. I am not saying that this will work for everyone but it has certainly worked for me - over twenty years now.


No change to cholesterol levels on Kyolic garlic tablets for me. :( The only noticeable effect seemed to be to make my blood clot even less readily than before. I have FH.


Just goes to prove that all our bodies are different and all react in different ways to medication - whether prescription drugs or herbal.


Well living in France I m sure I can increase my garlic intake, with pleasure and use the pills. Thanks a lot, will give it a serious try.

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I have no pains yet attributed to Ezetrol 10mg after six months and my LDL has fallen a bit but not quite as much as the medics' target.

As they're rather different in how they work, I'd be surprised if they caused statin-like pain unless you are reacting to prolonged exposure to some supposedly-inactive ingredient, which happened to me with one particular brand of simvastatin.


Thanks ...I will check my stats when I see doctor ...After one week off Atorvastatin Ive hardly any leg cramps, but most importantly the pain from my liver ( high enzymes ) is bearable and I'm not walking around holding my side! Hopefully fasting blood test in a weeks time will show lower enzymes ..


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