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Hi there, just back after a few weeks of reading the Cholesterol Con book; although I really enjoyed reading the book and I feel that he has a lot of common sense and relative truths in his favor, however I'm still anxious about not doing anything to lower the LDL levels. So having seen a heart specialist today to check on plaque in the arteries (none happily!) I will follow his advise and take 2 months of Ezetrol, an alternaative to statins that gave me too many excruciating cramps in the legs (Tahor).

I know or feel that I can eventually get by without lowering the cholesterol but then I don't want to run the risk of doing nothing for the moment.

My cholesterol has been constant at 6.8-7.8 (total) since 2009, the LDL is a little over the limit (accepted by the usual lab. tests), the HDL is good and the Tri are also good; my thyroid gland is not really functioning properly (Hashimoto), I've a number of small nodules, am on Levithyroxine (87.5mg), but still have many symptoms of a hypo.

I tried to lose weight using your excellent NHS website but cant go down more than 2 kilos. Nothing seems to work for me, I eat well and do much exercise (cycling, walking, gardening etc...) but can't lose more, so am 4 kilos overweight at 74 kilos for 1.65 meter. Any advise would be great and so just to finalize my story does anyone have any comments on Ezetrol or Ezetimibe?


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  • Losing weight, have you ever tried a low carb diet? Although this implies more fat, which may affect your cholesterol. You may need some advice on this. I have found this kind of diet very successful.

  • Why would you focus on a low carb diet to try to bring down your cholesterol when we know that there is no cholesterol in plants. Meat and dairy products are the main source of unneeded cholesterol in our bodies. If you want to reduce cholesterol naturally to a level that will prevent you getting heart disease and diabetes cut out or seriously reduce your intake of meat and dairy.

  • Well thanks, already lowered intake of carbs, but do need some.

  • If you eat less food and less drink of the sweetened or alcohol type

    than you do now, and carry on with the exercising you must lose weight

  • Ezetimibe is an absorption inhibitor, working on the supply of cholesterol from food, rather than its production. Side-effects from statins are independent of whether you tolerate ezetimibe.

    Do you have a family history of high cholesterol or early coronary incidents?

  • Hi there, my mother, now 92 had high cholesterol nearly all her life, no heart coronary incidents. Thanks for your advice

  • If conventional dieting does not work for you, you could look at 5:2 or Low carb.

    With Hashimotos you might want to have a look at cutting out gluten/wheat, too.

    This is one site with information, although you are unlikely to need the amount of protein suggested unless you are a body builder.

  • Hi there, already cut out gluten and right down on sugar and lactose. Am eating a lot more meat, keep eating cheeses and whole milk with cereal (yes gluten!) in the morning. No more bread and cakes and pastry (except occasions) but despite lots of exercise weight doesn't really move. I'll keep trying........

  • Your diet doesn't sound really balanced tbh. Where are all the plant foods? Your body might just need a break from trying to process all that heavy-duty food. It's harder to digest meat and dairy, and even having cereal for breakfast isn't giving your body the best chance. If you tried leaning towards a more plant-based diet you might give your body a chance to balance itself out. I just know that it works for me. When I eat meat now (I'm mainly vegetarian these days) I can feel my system become sluggish and I've been slack recently and have been having cereal for breakfast every day for a few weeks instead of my usual quick oats and a banana, or beans on wholegrain toast. I went back to oats today and noticed that I didn't have cravings for junk food as I have been for the past few weeks. It's amazing how much of a difference these seemingly small choices can make.

    It's not really to do with overall calorie intake (within reason) but the types of food you eat. I used to think I couldn't eat wheat and even wholegrain bread would make me bloated and constipated (sorry) and I avoided pasta and loads of other things, but since becoming vegetarian it's like a whole new me. I eat bread and pasta with no side effects at all. I think meat was slowing my system down and within a week of stopping it I felt so much better. All of the digestion problems I had my whole life seemed to disappear.

    I know everyone is different and that's just what worked for me, but maybe give it a go for a week or two just to see. I bet you'll notice a massive difference. And don't worry about protein. Meat only provides protein with added saturated fat, very little nutrients and no fibre. Plant foods that are high in protein (eg. chickpeas, peas, beans... the list goes on) and meat substitute products like quorn (all my non-vegetarian friends and family are now converted to their chicken burgers and nuggets because they're even better than the real thing) are high in both protein and fibre which are double whammys for weightloss. I can easily reach my protein goals for the day.

    Sorry that got really long, I didn't mean for it to. And I didn't mean to pontificate about vegetarianism I'm just being honest about what works for me.

  • Sorry didn't give a full picture because I've already done so in the past. I eat quite a few veg and fruit, eat organic in most things also. I have lots of salad, tomatoes now starting and have recently gone back to eating more meat. I love cheese but it was supposed to give more cholesterol, since I've read The Great Cholosterol Con I eat more cheese (pressed). Still, I'll keep on the veg and salads and also high protein, after advice from the forum.

    Thanks for your help

  • Have never heard anything more ridiculous. So you eat loads more dairy and meat but want to reduce your cholesterol? Try pouring petrol onto a fire to put it out, try it, see what happens. Then let me know.

  • Read the book Cholesterol Con and you'll understand better. It's more protein and health food, no transformed foods and not much lactose or gluten. Seems good to me

  • What test did you do for checking plaque in the arteries. I would be very interested. Thanks.

  • Echo full

  • I couldn't disagree with lozga more. Meat is a macro nutrient. It has massively more than just protein and saturated fat. You have to work really hard to make up those nutrients from plants. That's not to say that plants aren't vital. Also, saturated fat is no longer thought to be a baddy. You've read Malcolm Kendricks book vivbr which I haven't although I follow his blog, so you will have seen the distinction between oxidised LDL from sugar and the rest - are you clear just what LDL the doctor is talking about?

  • Oh yes, know about it all now. However difficult to distinguish between a doctor you see, who is specialised in his subject and a book and a forum. I'm inclined to think there is truth in both and to fit to my own self. However the under active thyroid gland does not help as it causes so many different well-being problems. I'm thinking about trying the T4 and T3 combination drug....

  • Hi Viv, yes I'm also hypo (150 mcg Thyroxin). The trouble with doctors is that they more or less have to stick to NICE guidelines. They're unlikely to have read all the stuff we've read unless they've a special interest. At the moment Big Pharma rules the day.

  • Yes of course. I'm really orientated organic and know a lot about the Monsanto's of this world. The Pzifer s and co are the same. Mc Kendrick talks a lot about that aspect of "scientific tests". Doctors know like us about this but as you said they follow guidelines that dont allow them to think outside of the box. Like politicians they toe the line to keep themselves clear of eventual problems from peers, clients or the NHS. So I believe that the best is to study body well-being, use of certain vitamins (B's) and enzymes (ie Q10 ) and to follow closely how you feel, if gluten, lactose, meats etc affect you or not. So slowly but surely I think we'll be free of having to cure all the time by our preventive action in body well-being. It sounds like an advert but it's not!

  • Hmm, the NHS could save so much money if they'd just stop dishing out unnecessary drugs and start looking at nutrition and lifestyle.

  • hi .i have taken ezetrol for 6 months ok to start of with but now almost unable to walk !! so stopped for one day recovery almost instant!!!!before was on a statin with the usual muscle damage !not permenent.i don,t like all i am reading about heart muscle damage and on statins ,heart is a muscle after all !and all the other malades linked to statins! there is a lot of stuff on cholesteral myths who to believe!!!! at the end of the day its all about the qualty of life and how long do you want to live!

  • Hi vibri read your script, I have according to my heart specialist blocked arteries, 2 stents put in 4 years ago in one that was 90% blocked, but 2 more where 70% blocked and 60% blocked so I was recomended for a triple heart by pass at 72 years of age I read up on what a bypass was and thought this is serious stuff I am signing up for, so after the the surgeon told me that he could not tell me how long would I live after having it done and when asked how soon would I die if I did nothing the same answer he did not know. I thought what is the point so I did nothing. But I did look on the internet for alternative to surgery to clean out arteries and found Strauss Heart drops that can only be got from Canada where this herb remedy is used and licensend. I do not take statins I just use Heart drops but it is expensive nearly £100 a bottle but there are no side effects and it does clean out the arteries and it works for me

  • Have you had any % blockage tests since you started the medication from Canada, what is the level of improvement please?

  • Very interesting, I believe you are probably lucky but maybe also the doctors are too narrow minded in their paths of action. Good luck

  • Hi bala I have had no blockage tests because nobody asks me too, I dont know if my arteries are still blocked at the same level has 4 years ago all I know is that I feel well I am still working okay only part time and its not phyiscal work all I know is that I don't get out of breath has I used to do 4 years ago I can walk talk for what I need to do if you go on google put in Strauss Heart Drops you will find there site and read it for yourself I believe there is a video now has well there was not when I started taking it. In fact has I write I have just ordered a another bottle just this minuet all I can say is it works FOR ME. as for the operation they offered yes I may have come through okay maybe not maybe I may have had a stroke I don't know maybe I was not has bad as the hospital said I don't know all I do know is I am still here not cut open and has far as I can say I have had maybe an extra 4 years here with my wife. .That is all I can tell you . At bthe end of the day we are all going to die wether we like it or not its the quality of life not the quantity that I want. Hope this helps you Bala

  • Thank you for your quick response. Yes, I did Google to find out more information. I now know where I can buy if I need it. May be I can first try this on a smaller bottle to check for any side effect as most medications have some side effect. In my case I am allergic to so many things!

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