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Help with my daily tablets

I take the following tablets daily. Clopidigrel, omega 3, multi vitamin, selenium , vanadium , magnesium, zinc , coq10, and Lipitor (statins)

Can anyone advise me when I should take these tabs. I take my clopidigrel in the morning with breakfast and my stain with my zinc and magnesium in the evening. Should I take with food or is there some tablets better taken at night or does it matter. Can anyone advise me ?


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Hi Harvey, your doctor or pharmacist should be able to advise you. Generally if it doesnt state when to be administered on the leaflet, they usually recommend to take them the same time each day.


One medicine, statin, GP advised me to take before going to bed each night. For other medication you can check with your GP or local chemist, if the information is not clear that comes with packaging.


Hi Harvey, I always read the blurb that comes with the drug and also take note of what the prescriber tells me. However, I also use the interactions checker on


Hi, I was told that taking statins was best done at night for greater effect .Wth clopedogrel anytime is ok. Unless you're told to take them at a specific time i don't think it matters. if I ever change the timing from say morning to evening or night I do it in daily moves of an hour


All the above ok. I wonder why the GP didn't say anything, or why it doesn't say on the pharmacy label/ It definitely should on the leaflet inside. There's also whether you should take with food or between meals


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