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stopped taking cholesterol tablets


any ideas, what l can do to get my high cholesterol down, having porridge in the mornings started taking garlic tablets

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I f you change your diet from the standard advice ie 'don't eat saturated fat, eat heart healthy whole grains' to LCHF:

Then all your blood markers will improve and become optimal.


You need to understand your cholesterol numbers, please Google to get the cholesterol n umbers.

Life style change and food intake control are the important factors. The other important factor to reduce cholesterol numbers is regular exercise, going to the gym and using some of the machines.

This is a slow process compar5ed to medication! but it helps.

Eat a lot of butter, fresh vegetables and fish.

Give it a try, very hard, it took me two or more years.

Please do not look at NHS food plate, Google to get a better understanding on food intake.

Good luck.


May I ask why you have stopped taking your tablets, and what were they? Not a good decision.

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Only if you favour lowering cholesterol, or sell cholesterol-lowering tablets.

search the heart UK website for UCLP for other diet measures. Exercise made a good 25% difference to me, but it was not enough so back to the tablets...

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To me that says that the dietary advice you were advised to follow is incorrect .Otherwise you would not need to go back on medication.Keep up the exercise though.

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because FH and its liver dysfunction doesn't really exist to so many of the diet freaks on this website :-/

hi google niacin B3 better than any statin meds take care now

Hi, Tina if go through my last Reply its title was " Cholesterol or Blockage in a line " a home made medicine is there for this problem.

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Would it be possible to give more information on home made medicine to get to Cholesterol or Blockage in a line as I am unable to find it! Thanks.

Some people have hereditary cholesterol as I have I was never too much overweight but I had a heart attack last July . I always eat fish twice a week and chicken breast fresh from butcher once a week loads of pulses & veg, fruit no butter, tinned mackerel as snacks, porridge with banana, gogi berries, blueberries every day for breakfast. I walk every day for 25 mins and garden and watch TV from 9 pm until 11 30 of is Winter. I do not add sugar to tea which I have two cups a day one in the morning and one at 4 pm. I drink I eat sultana fruit mix for sweets! peppermint tea or water otherwise. I eat fresh food and no instant meals. Frozen veg is as healthy as fresh if you can,t get fresh. I was 6.5 and now 2.5 and more healthy and was 11. Stone at one point at 5ft 6 and now 10 stone 3. I take Avorstatin .

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What dosage and why? are you taking Statin?

Is it statin or other factors bringing cholesterol down?

Statin did bring my cholesterol down but gave up due to side effect!!

Do you have any side effect?


Niacin will bring down your levels

I am always on the lookout for information and I came across a website that has a cardiologist admitting that everything we are told about what causes heart disease is false.

"U" turn is on the way. Medication is it necessary, NHS food plate needs changing.

Eat more butter and more eggs, regular exercise, avoid "LOW" fat products, control on hidden sugar on produces!.

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Do NOT eat butter if you have FH. Use Olive oil instead. Other than that, I broadly agree with what bala wrote this time.

Garlic on a daily basis is great. I also use cinnamon 1/4 tsp daily along with a shot of mothers apple cider vinegar. One shot in a 8 oz glass of water. Does the trick for me and I also do. 100 mg ubiquinol every day. You can sprinkle the cinnamon on your toast or add it to cereal. Sounds like a lot of stuff but something is working good and doin the job. Good luck!!


Hi TINA2318

I was taking oudourless garlic tablets, until i found out that to remove the odour, and to give the tablet a pretty coating, was taking most of the goodness from the garlic in the tablet.

I am now taking raw garlic, and shredding it onto slices of toast, then adding banana, blue berries, and raspberries and red currants from my garden, at my holliday home in sweden.

i was just taking the fresh cloves and chewing them, until doing more research i discovered , that if you crush or shred the garlic at least 5 minutes before using it, it gives time for a certain element within the clove to begin producing, and giving that wonderful flavour to food,

I now look forward to my garlic flavoured breakfast, and most importantly, none of my friends or family say that i smell of garlic.

You do understand that their are two types of cholesterol, one type is very bad for you, and the other type is very good for you, can you ask your doctor for a blood test to find out which choleserol is at the high level. then you will be better able to attack it.

My doctor could not tell me which cholesterol was high, when he told me my cholesterol was high. and as i have a healthy lifestyle i just take it for granted that it is the good cholestrol that is high, and get on with my life, and enjoy living. Why don't you give it a try.

Wishing you all the best.

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