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Help reducing my cholesterol

I'm taking Lestrin plus to reduce my cholesterol levels, I've lost 8lb in weight, exercise daily, eat healthy yet its not lowering. I refuse to take statins. I also take vit D, C, Zink, magnesium, garlic, Cranberry, all daily.

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why do you refuse to takr statins?

Hello, What are your blood test cholesterol numbers?

I had my blood test, my total cholesterol is 5.3. I have declined statin is the message written on my medical records!!

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5.9 and not moving

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Do you have hypothyroidism ? If so this can raise cholesterol.

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Any numbers for HDL, LDL and Triglyceride?

Hi trublu1Last Dec I was told that my cholesterol was 7.5 and the nurse gave me statins right away. She said herself started taking statins while her cholesterol was a little above 6. Anyway after a week or so I stopped the med because I didn’t want to become drug dependent.

I stopped eating red meat and minimize white meat and cakes & biscuits. I had porridges for breakfast very often and brown bread instead of white bread also eating more fish, vegetables and fruits. I don’t have any dairy products unless they specify lower cholesterol. I use only olive oil for cooking, apple vinegar in salad dressing. By March my cholesterol was down from 7.5 to 6.3. I was told to continue the diet. All in all it s a bit of an effort but not too extreme. I still able to enjoy my food and spoil myself occasionally.

In November my blood result was showing 6.1 in total. However this nurse said it s not a concern as my LDL s gone down quite a lot and my HDL s a bit higher than my LDL. My next blood test will be in June 22.

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Do you have your HDL, LDL and triglyceride numbers? I had a blood test in November, my total cholesterol is 5.3, HDL is 0.77 and no results were given for LDL and triglyceride.

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The nurse told me over the phone my HDL was 3 something and DLD was 2 something. Have had a chance to get a blood test result.

Just want to add I would suggest try porridge for breakfast. Many people said it really helps.

I had better cholesterol results using wax-matrix niacin (as nicotinic acid (vitamin B-3)) - unfortunately some people find it intolerable due to flushing. Not all niacin is the same, so make sure it is the nicotinic acid. The wax matrix allows it to be released over a 6-8 hour period.

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