Side effects of tablets after heart attack

I had a heart attack on 12.12.12...and was hoping to return to work next week but still feeling very tired and having lots of problems with side effects from tablets. Having sensations in arms and sometimes legs and constant dry cough (gave up cigarettes). The meds I'm on are Bisoprlol Fumarate: Ticagrelor:Atovastatin and Ramipril as well as Aspirin. Also feel very anxious all the time. Anyone else experiencing similar symptoms?

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  • I experienced similar problems with Atorvastastin at a high dosage 85mg. Get your GP to do a blood test because in my case it cased problems with my liver function causing extreme tiredness, loss of appetite and eventually itchy skin. I was subsequently put on Rusavastatin on a graduated dose which has not caused me further problems. Good luck Mike

  • Thanks for that Mike. I had a blood test done last Monday and waiting for the results. Hopefully they will change that tablet. The only thing is, I haven't lost my appetite...wish I had as I'm putting on too much weight.

  • That should have been "caused" sorry

  • Hi,

    I am not a medic but I would bet 100% that your dry cough is caused by the ramapril. This is an ACE inhibitor for you blood pressure, I was taking it for a short time and the cough was intolerable. Rosuvastatin had the same effect on me! Happily, my BP went down to normal when I lost weight.

    Don't put up with the cough, it is due to an increase in another enzyme caused by the ramapril, and there are loads of other effective drugs for lowering BP.Husband takes two sorts with no side effects whatever.

  • Hi, thanks and I have to admit the cough is intolerable! Getting worse each day! Will talk to GP about it Monday hopefully. Did you have any anxiety/stress feelings? These are totally new to me and seem to make the tiredness worse.

  • That should have been "caused" sorry

  • Thanks...didn't know that...makes sense!

  • Hi Tedd my husband also had a heart attack on 12.12.12 he is on the same medication as you plus Eplerenone and has stopped smoking, like you he also has fantastic appetite now. I wonder if this is due to the stopping smoking?? He also has dry itchy skin, I cant give you any advice but just thought I would let you know there is someone else who is going through similar problems as you also well done on your return to work, my hubby has just had a cardiac mri and echo we are just waiting for the results but at the moment he cant even climb upstairs without getting out of breath and he is only 54. Good luck with your recovery and return to work

  • Thanks for your response - having a 'bubble test' on heart on Tuesday 22nd as they can't find out what caused the heart attack yet. And as with your hubby, I get out of breath very easy later in the day. Convinced Ramipril is the problem as I'm having serious side effects, ie restricted throat, feeling faint, face aches, even nose bleed for no reason. Plus other symptoms - if this carries on can't see that I can go back to work as soon as I would like! Wishing your hubby a speedy recovery!

  • I had an attack at 36 and was put on all the meds you mention. I think it is too early to change, you are going through a big change and your body needs to adjust. I found ramipril is fine in the long run, but the bisoprolol turned me into a zombie - so told doc I wasn't taking it and he agreed. Anxiety is a major problem - it sent me virtually mad. Over it now, but it took time.

  • Thanks for replying...yes, the anxiety is horrendous - It was driving me mad also. I've stopped taking the ramipril yesterday and today and have to say that I do feel slightly better. The cough is easier and the anxiety is easier too. And I don't look as grey as I did...still tired though. How long ago was your attack? And have you had any problems since?

  • Glad that stopping helped. I think I am lucky with ramipril. had my attack nine years ago. unfortunately it wasn't treated for 12 hours - junior doc thought I was too young to have a MI - so it has left me with a left ventricular aneurysm. on life-long warfarin because clots form in it. was terrified to start with and rushed myself into the emergency dept with chest pains on several occasions... all of which turned out to be anxiety attacks. in the end I got fed up up with worrying, thought sod it, and resumed normal life - minus the smoking. I know run 30 miles a week and just feel totally normal. just exercise regularly and you'll feel much better quickly - if doc says it's okay of course.

  • Thanks Pete!! You were very young and I'm glad you got over the worry part - it really is a frightening thing when you have been so healthy! I was VERY lucky! I collapsed at work and they took me to hospital straight was when I was being examined that the heart attack happened. Heart is okay, arteries okay...they don't know what caused it? Wife says STRESS!! Think she knows me better than most? You giving up smoking too really helps me to keep my resolve not to smoke ever again! Can't imagine running 30 miles (smile) but as you did, I WILL get there...Thanks for your response...appreciated!!

  • Thanks julieS...yes, I stopped taking it yesterday and not taken one today and feeling slightly better. Thanks for the info on mobility, just hoping I won't need it...but worth having!!

  • my 2p worth....Statins cause all sorts of side effects but as we are all different their effects will vary. I take bisoprolol without problems but symvastatin after 4 months made me very depressed, and tired all day. Been off it for nearly 2 weeks now and almost back to normal.....statins imo have a lot to answer for. For me I would rather have a good quality of life for 'perhaps' a shorter time....but a very difficult decision to take.

  • Said exactly the same to my wife yesterday, would rather have a 'shorter time' rather than live like this. I've never taken tablets in my life and have been as fit as a fiddle...and now, seems like my life is over (oh, I know it will pass as I depressed staying at home all day)...but I really need to get back to work as being at home is more stressful...and I don't get paid - but my wife says that's stupid! She would rather have me here than back in hospital.

  • ps..Glad to hear you are almost back to normal...and yes, a very difficult decision to take...I admire that.

  • thanks Tedd...i hope you make the right decision for YOU. In retrospect the right one for me, I suffered side effects all over Christmas and New Year, I was beginning to wonder if I would come out of it but the difference was so dramatic I now wonder why I put up with it. I have a son and grandson who need me so it wasn't an easy choice, but then I am able to do far more to help now. Fingers crossed I stay around......all I can do. I read lots, and others opinions on this site, it all helps to make that choice. We have to make the most of our lives. Imo what a lot GPs tell you is what pharmaceutical companies tell them....vested interest, hmmmm, who knows, lots of people are convinced by that arguement, me included. Best of luck to you.

  • """ Imo what a lot GPs tell you is what pharmaceutical companies tell them....vested interest, hmmmm,"""

    So TRUE!!

    Had a shower tonight and didn't have to lie on the bed after totally exhausted! So glad I took advice from here to stop the Ramipril...thought (really thought) I was on my way out! Can't believe how these tablets can have such side effects and yet are prescribed?

    Just spoke with with Pete...he had his 9 years ago and now running 30 miles a I'm trusting that you and I are going to be able to do the same...although I don't think my knees would take it LOL...being a former steel worker (and former goalkeeper) my knees are not eager to run!

    Thanks for you responses Eve...I really, really appreciate them...I needed help and this site has been a God send!

  • The dry cough will no doubt be the Ramipril, its a very common side effect, when I mentioned it to my GP he off handedly said "that"ll be the Ramipril then" I stopped ramipril, with Docs consent, and stopped coughing, hope you get well soon,

  • Thanks for sharing I said above, I have stopped it now for two days and feel slightly better. My own GP said I had to put up with the side effects...but she really didn't listen to how serious they are affecting me. Thanks for your good wishes.

  • I don't know why GP's don't mention the cough with ACE inhibitors. It is so common and so distressing to patients like Tedd, who have been through a lot already. Also there are many other drugs which are just as effective. Sometimes I would like to give medics a taste of their own medicine...literally!

    i think statins are definitely most effective for men who have had a heart attack. Good luck when you see your GP.

  • Thanks Aliwally!! You made me laugh (for the first time in weeks)...yes, I would love to give medics a taste of their own medicine and my wife would totally agree with you...she has been so distressed seeing me in a 'weak and fragile' state! Thank God I came here and got some real good advice!!

    I feel quite a lot better not taking Ramipril for the first time since 12.12.12....wish I had mentioned this in hospital but I was just too impatient to get home. My fault. Anyway, I will ask the Dr on Tuesday about the statins. Thanks for your good wishes...will let everyone know how I get on...just grateful my wife found this place for me and that she agrees with stopping the was really driving me crazy. Can cope with the tiredness, headaches etc...but NOT that horrendous cough/choking continuous day and night. And not feeling as lightheaded or dizzy today. Good signs.

  • good morning i'm so glad to read this post, the tiredness i get in my body arms and legs 2 hours after taking ramipril is really wearing me down, i now no im not the only one that as been affected by these awful side effects, take care my friend Tony

  • Hi Tedd,

    Yes the Ramapril is almost certainly the dry cough culprit.......Well known side effect.


  • Hi Tony...yes you are spot on! Dry cough doesn't 'sound' bad to people who have the normal dry cough, but when you experience it from this drug, you KNOW the difference!


  • Yes, my wife knows a lot about interactions with meds! She has suffered a lot and refuses to take what doctors prescribe for painkillers...preferring the TENS machine instead...but I will look up the Mediguard website...thanks for your help!

  • Glad I made you laugh Tedd!

    The other thing of course is that statins and BP lowering drugs are long term and take a while to take effect and get rid of. My cough with ramapril and rosuvastatin took about two weeks to go.

    Nobody is going to drop dead because they stop taking these sorts of medication in the short term, it's the long term effect...and some people think that's debatable with statins in particular.

  • Really GRATEFUL you told me is taking it's time for the cough/choke feeling to I'm quite relieved to hear that it took you about two weeks!! THANKS!!!!!!! But have to say it is soooo much better than it was three days ago...and you have confirmed my suspicions about the BP lowering drug...will tell the Consultant tomorrow (hopefully I will have some time to talk to him when I have the 'bubble test') and try and get these meds sorted properly...but I can manage with most of the side effects except that HORRENDOUS Ramipril! made my wife's day...she laughed so much and totally agrees with you! Let them take these drugs first and 'taste the difference' so to speak!

  • Thanks to Everyone who answered me...really good advice given and totally appreciated. I had my 'bubble' test done and they found nothing! No hole in the heart. My heart is fine, arteries fine...and they DON'T know what the heart attack. Consultant said to stay off Ramipril and has agreed for me to go back to work Monday. Still feeling tired and still have 'sensations' in legs and arms??? But cough is defo much better although not totally gone. And still look pale...but I feel these are side effects of the tablets. Again, thanks to all!! Will stay in touch. Best Regards...Tedd

  • My husband had 5 bypasses 23 years ago had a heart attack Jan 2014 came out of hospital with 8 different tablets. Two were statins that caused all sorts of problems until we realised what they were doing. Stopped them and he improved. They do dish them out wilynilly.

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