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Getting surgery to understand I need a scoop!


I need my earwax removed from my right ear in order to make my sound therapy work properly. I want to have it removed using the scoop method to avoid potential problems. The audiology dept, need a doctors referral but the receptionist clearly had no knowledge of the process and suggested oil and the nurse to wash out wax. She said she would get a doctor to phone but that has not happened. What should I do next, I did explain that my ear was scooped over a year ago at the audiologist at hospital.

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You'll struggle to get the hospital to effect manual wax removal in my experience. If your GP surgery are willing to do it (mine won't) they'll usually do it via irrigation (syringing), alternatively if you can get an appointment with ENT to get your ears cleared, they'll use microsuctioning. Both of these procedures are normally well tolerated by most people, but I've had problems arising from both, affecting my hearing and my tinnitus.

Manual removal, using the ear scoop etc, is offered by various private providers, but comes with risks of it own - greater risk of ear infections etc, physical damage to your ear canal / drum.

My wife took our five year old daughter to the pediatrician yesterday, because her ear was blocked. The doctor removed a lot of wax from that ear and found moisture behind the eardrum. She said it would go away in a couple of weeks. I hope she was careful. I don’t know what method she used. I’d have referred her to an ENT. Fingers crossed.

You're in the US I think? Different processes in the UK - the last time I was referred to ENT to get my ears cleared of wax, the earliest appointment they could offer was 7mths away. Not much use when your ears are blocked. :(

Yes, San Francisco.

It takes 5-8 weeks to see a specialist of any kind and that’s with very expensive insurance with a high deductible. So essentially it’s out of pocket. Specialist charge $500-1000 per visit. If you are low income or a senior, you can get Obama care or medical. Lower quality service but seems to work better.

Currently my families insurance has been canceled, so as of the new year, I can’t get coverage.

Our medical system is nothing short of scandalous.

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