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Diabetes and liver disease

After a few further tests doctor is now looking at my blood sugar levels. Diabeties has not yet been confirmed but has asked me to monitor and record my glucose levels. Got the test kit, and been using past few days. My readings range from 2.7/3.8 mm g/l to 7.9 m&m g/l this morning which was a fasting reading. Seems to bounce all over the place. Been reading up the low ones are low with hypoglycaemic possible to the higher ones hyperglycaemic (although just above range). Appointment and blood results 2 weeks away as away on holiday. Any thoughts, advice...when I get dizzy and t

Lethargic/mind fog chocolate/sweets/food seems to help and clear it up...coincidence or pre diabetic?

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Hi Bigplanet67,

I am currently in a very similar position. My random blood glucose tests have been coming back with readings of 13.1 and 13.6 since january whilst my fasting tests are normal. I have been advised by my consultant to stick to a diabetic diet, am having another fasting test done asap and am also having a HbA1C blood test which measures your average blood sugars over 8-12 weeks. It's definitely worth asking for this to be done. Do you take a high dose of steroids for your liver disease? I am on prednisolone and have been for 13 years and struggling to come off it without a flare in the liver disease which is what has put me at risk of diabetes. personally, I wouldn't recommend using sugary foods to help with lethargy/ mind fog as it is high blood sugar that causes lethargy. I have noticed I am more tired and have been getting nasty headaches in recent months which are most likely a result of high blood sugar.

I am hoping to see a nutrition nurse at my GP for advice on diet though I already have a balanced diet...

all the best




Thanks for info. Have not recorded anything above 10 yet. Just done morning one and is 7.8 which to the Internet is high for the morning and before I to eat. I believe it is the Hba1C he has done, it's a new blood test so not sure until I get results back.

I understand about the sugar foods to control some of the symptomsl have to stick with Carbs, but the sugar helped to get over the short term issue. Yeppie another type of diet to worry about, have not thought about that yet as on the normal LD diet considerations and trying to increase my weight. Headaches, I get loads, but need to be careful on the para as well as causes other issues and been told to cut them down.

Steroid- was on 300mg of Spiro and 80gm Flurosmide now only 100gm Spiro. I have low blood pressure 80/60- 95/70 levels yet again I think a mixture of the drugs...

Thanks for you advice, hope your appointment goes well, please let me know if anything that might help planning my diet that fits into my LD diet. Remind me Fruit Sugars (fructose) are fine, it's refined sugars that are bad. Carbs (Complex Carbs) ie rice, pasta, pots, wholemeal bread products = good, refined Carbs bad ie white bread, sweetened products, beer. Just asking how this fits into my LD eating pattern diet.

I await until I hear from my Dr for results...thanks...


During my initial liver blood tests I had a reading of 15 for my diabetic test. I was advised this was because do the high dosage of steroids.

Since I stopped taking the steriods after 6 months & 2 tablets a day of metaform my levels are now down to 6.4.

I am only now on Azathioprine now & have been remission for 18 months


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