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Spider Nevi

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Dermatologist told me i have spider nevi, been a heavy drinker for years , recently quit 5 months ago.

All my lfts are normal as well as the ultrasound, is it possible to have spider nevi without a liver disease? Or it is always associated with liver disease, im getting anxiety right now. I dont know if should ask for further tests.

Thank you

11 Replies
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Spider telangiectases

- Occur in up to 15% of normal people, and more frequently in children and in pregnancy

- They can also be a feature of liver disease

- The majority of lesions arising in pregnancy disappear spontaneously, in others lesions tend to persist


The upper half of the body, especially the face, neck, upper chest and hands


​An arcade of vessels radiates out from a central arteriole - compressing the central point will blanche the arcade

Hi and welcome,

We do ask members not to post photographs, it is against the guidelines of the forum.

Could you perhaps see your own GP and discuss the findings?

Best wishes.

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You have been given the all clear based on the tests so far, we've discussed the minor skin blemishes before which can occur even in people without any liver issues.

The only treatment for alcohol related liver disease (of any degree) is to maintain your abstinence and look after your liver with good diet, exercise and no booze.

If you have normal bloods then you have no ongoing liver inflammation which is good. I don't know what you hope other tests will reveal, if you are fairly symptom free and results from scans and bloods are clear it is a case now of looking after your liver going forward. Even if you were to find out you had more advanced illness (which I doubt based on what you've revealed re. symptoms) then the only advice you'd get is as above.


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When I was diagnosed I had alot of these. Over time they have disappeared as I quit drinking and started being alot healthier. With your tests being good I wouldn't worry yourself. There are other reasons for those, even hereditary. I hope you remain well and keep up being sober, it's a great way to love life! 😊💜Katie

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I understand the anxiety. I have been there too. And most of my anxiety is from people saying that US exams and blood tests can miss cirrhosis. However I have discussed this at great length with my GP and she has also written to a GI for further advice. The info I was given is that it is very unusual for an US and also bloods to miss a problem, and the two things combined gives a fairly reliable picture of whether further tests should be done. I'm the same, I have a few spider nevi, I also have issues with my nails and blotchy palms. I have read that each of these can be caused by a liver under pressure but also by many other things, most of which are nothing at all to worry about. Eg ageing, menopause etc. There is no treatment for liver problems anyway, except for what you do yourself.

So, have a Mediterranean based diet, with almonds and walnuts, avocado, lean meats, fish, no white pasta, no white bread, no white rice, reduce or eliminate sweets and crisps and booze. Also reduce quantity of wholewheat pasta/bread/potatoes. Increase veg and fruit. Lose weight. All of these things help to improve liver health.


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Vladimirberkov in reply to NCanning

I'm in the same spot, I have weird signs that make me paranoid I have cirrhosis even after multiple tests. The doctors just say quit drinking, or the tests are clear, or your liver is slightly inflamed, etc. It's the anxiety and not knowing which are the worst. I'll get back from the doctor and instantly start second guessing everything. Or look at my hands, my eyes, my skin constantly and everything seems to tell me I have cirrhosis. I still feel like they have missed something, but who knows. They seem tired of dealing with me.

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NCanning in reply to Vladimirberkov

My own anxiety has reduced a lot. Knowing that I am not eating rubbish a lot (eg cut way back on refined carbs, only have alcohol in moderation now), I've lost a stone in weight etc etc have all helped me see that I'm doing all the right things to improve liver health. Even with cirrhosis, it's the same advice that you are given, as well as no alcohol at all, so the point being that theres no magic potion that will make things better, you literally have to make those lifestyle changes to ensure things improve. Once you are eating more fruit and veg and less/no refined white carbs, you'll find that you start to feel more at ease with it, as you're not actively doing anything that will put too much stress on the liver, and theoretically you therefore can't be adding to the damage done.

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If your bloods and ultrasound are both normal and your GP is satisfied, I do not see why you would ask for more tests. If you are having telltale symptoms of liver disease, that would be a different story, but I assume that is not the case since you did not mention it. There are a number of things that can cause spider nevi that don't have to do with the liver, so it can easily be a coincidence.

How much did you you drink when you drank heavily, and for how long?

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Vincentzeke in reply to JJgut

15 years 5 beers

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Did you have any skin redness in the areas with these, and did the skin burn at all?

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AyrshireK in reply to WorriedUK01

My hubby has proven cirrhosis and only two spider angioma he has no further reddening or skin burning sensation near his (which are on his neck and shoulder).

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