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Is This a Spider Nevi?

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Is this a spider nevi near my collarbone? I’ve had one removed from near my eye and another on my ear 5 months ago and the dermatologist didn’t seem concerned and said my other Telangiectasias on my face are probably due to genetics and sun. I’m worried I might have an underlying liver disease that is going unnoticed.

I did have a CT scan done in December 2018 to get a better look at my kidney (which turned out to be nothing) and nothing was marked as remarkable aside from a cyst on my ovary. Everything else was listed as “unremarkable”. My recent blood panel at my physical came back fine.

I’m a 31/F that doesn’t usually drink more than the recommended amounts except on the rare occasion and vacations. I have not had any children ( I know spider nevi can pop up during pregnancy), and I haven’t been on birth control for a year.

I’m going to make another appointment with the dermatologist next month to laser it off whatever it is and some more Telangiectasia near my nose. The anxiety though is really getting to me. I’ve read more than 3 spider nevi/ spider angioma means there is a 95% chance it’s cirrhosis.

7 Replies
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Nobody on here is qualified to give a diagnosis but i doubt very much at your age there is much to worry about and you have not drank much so just check with your dr if your concerened .

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Throwaway5233 in reply to Countrywalks

Thank you for your reply! My father had alcoholic hepatitis 12 years go, so I feel like dealing with some of this first hand has made me even more paranoid.

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Countrywalks in reply to Throwaway5233

Ohh im sorry to hear about that yes i can see why your worried .i hope your dads okay now tho did he give up drinking after that ?.theres some loveley people on here to get friendly advice from who have been to hell and back through drinking .at the end of the day its just legalised poision that should be taken off the shelves and banned . The worry and deaths it causes is ridiculous .and if more is not done it will only get worse .and as for safe limits i dont think there are any .

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Throwaway5233 in reply to Countrywalks

He stopped drinking for a few years, and now drinks occasionally (I believe). I’m not sure he’s entirely honest with me about his health, but from what he’s told me he’s okay. I agree alcohol shouldn’t be allowed on the shelves

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Laura009 in reply to Throwaway5233

If l were you l would give up drinking completely. It causes anxiety therefore making you paranoid about every little change in you skin and general health. Having seen your Father go through alcohol related illness it would make sense to me not to put yourself at risk in the same way. It is poison and it killed my husband and many more women on here are going through what l went through living with an adict with serious illnesses, its just not worth drinking, seriously. Life is far better without it for everyone.

Best wishes


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I just enlarged it to have a look!

It does look like a tiny little spider nevi

People with no medical condition can get these tiny spiders..they are relatively common and pop up now and again on healthy people!

I wouldn't be concerned about it !

You have had tests to confirm that you don't have any medical conditions to worry about!

Sometimes they can disappear on their own when they are very small like yours.


We appreciate that you are worried but as the members have already said, unfortunately no one on the forum is medically qualified to be able to assess you.

We hope your dermatologist can assist you.

Take care


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