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Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?


What's the difference between this and a colonoscopy? I assume I have been booked in for this due to the bleeding.

Can this show I have varices down there?

It's on 22nd April so not too long to wait.. got the nice Moviprep to go with it ... urgh..!!

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Hey there, Sidmoidoscopy is much quicker and less invasive as it only looks at lower third of the colon. I believe varices are not common in the very lowest part of the digestive tract but other causes of gastrointestinal bleeding are normally well observed (best double check with your team as this is just my understanding) Hope you get some answers... Good luck. Chris

The sigmoidoscopy does not go as far inside only half way around but the colonoscopy goes all the way around . My mum had the sigmoid and i had the full colonoscopy last year . Drinking all the moviprep is the worst thing i think .

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Yes, it's the worst bit!! Sigmoidoscopy is definitely less invasive and over much quicker. Hope you get sorted soon. Take care Lynne

Hi, Moviprep, the gift that keeps on giving 🤣. It's horrible stuff. I had the full colonoscopy, and while unpleasant, with sedation it was bearable and quick, and free tea & biscuits afterwards!!!!! 😁


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Can't wait 😂💩

Quick question.. my appointment isn't until 1430... and it says to stop eating solids the day before.. I am a bit worried as I get the shakes/weakness if I don't eat every few hours?

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