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Lost my dad this week

After a battle with alcohol for years my dad lost his fight this week. I am absolutely heartbroken for the loss, but also the dad I did not have for many years, and I feel so much anger for the power that alcohol can have over someone. I have looked at many websites and forums over the years in an attempt to be armed with as much information as possible, but in truth nothing can prepare you for this cruel disease, to see the demise in someone you love. To see them in pain and know that the outcome is inevitable. I have signed up to this website in the hope that I can help someone who is in my situation from the experience I have had. Xx

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I hope that you are given the strength and courage to continue and the fact that you are here willing to help at such a difficult time shows what an amazing person you are!

Lots and lots of love,



Thank you. X


I'm sure your experience will be of great help. Even better would be to somehow educate people before they needed a forum like this.

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Sorry for your loss. I too lost my father recently to arld. Agree it's a horrible disease. my dad I wouldn't have described as an alcoholic but haa is liver was very badly damaged he must have been drinking a lo. He had a fantastic relationship with his family and he is greatly . I too signed up to this forum when he got ill to get more answers but he died a couple of weeks . Lots of love it's hard and you go through lots of emotions anger and . Xc...


My thoughts are with you - Stay strong


Hi, My father was an alcholic so I know how you feel. As a youngster many reasons were given to meas to why he drank. So sorry to hear of your loss, your help and experience will help a lot of people on here...


Hi there, I am sorry for your loss. I do believe you're experiences you have had with you're father will be very useful here. All the very best.


Sorry for your loss. I lost my brother to this four and a half years ago.


I am so sorry for your loss.

not being a heavy drinker(2 ciders a weekend) i had to give up due to a liver disease. ever since i have been trying to tell people the damage that drink does but as you are aware to many people see it as a `social' thing to do & that it will not harm them, the truth of the matter is that they usually realise when it is too late.

the strange thing is that i think drinking is not a sociable thing, it is just that it is thought of & advertised as such, i have never felt more sociable since staying off drink. sorry to go on, i know it is not helping you but i think your Dad might like the idea of you trying to spread the word of the evils of drinking, the media has a lot to answer for!

reading though this i think it would be great to get an anti-drink campaign going - facebook would be great for this! i will back in this & think it would be a good thing to do in your Dads name

words can not express your loss but spread the word about the damage drink can do, i think you Dad will be watching you & saying `thank you'


I left a long reply under the name zena/ pinhead335@gmail.com


hi so sorry for your loss my hubby is battling with it now for 2 half years they have just got rid of kidney cancer so that was great news but he as had accities at the beginning and varacies all way through with banding done every 6 weeks 7 bleeds 4 of which they brought him back to life now the cancer is gone they are going to try stents just waiting for scans then see what can be done then feel as if hes on borrowed time all ready just dont know what to expect


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