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In August my Dad was admitted to hospital with HE. They subsequently diagnosed Cirrhosis and Cancet. After 3 weeks he was discharged. He was referred to Kings College. Unfortunately it was discovered that he had portal vein invasion so could not have TACE. So Sorafenib is the recommended treatment now. For some unknown reason the biopsy was delayed until end of October but unti that was done he could start treatment. We went to Kings on Monday to see the consultant, discuss the biopsy results and agree treatment plan. Yesterday he got a phone call saying his blood tests that were taken on Monday showed that he may have a bleed as haemoglobin levels had dropped so he is further bloods taken today. Over the last few days he has become more confused and I don’t know why? Any advice would be gratefully received.

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I am very sorry to hear about your fathers diagnosis. The fact that he his more confused could possibly be due to the fact that his haemoglobin is low or it could be related to his liver function getting worse due to infection/constipation/dehydration etc He should have a medical review today. You father may well have a contact number for the cancer clinical nurse specialist at Kings who he should have seen on Monday, it may be worth giving her a call too.


Hi Mamabear1,

It looks like Trust5 has given you excellent advice.

If your Dad is getting more confused a call to the doctor or a trip to an ER might be needed.

Best wishes to you and your Dad,


Thank you for the advice. We spoke to the clinical nurse at Kings who arranged further blood tests. The haemoglobin has stabilised so they have now started him on sorafenib. The confusion has improved slightly but he is just so tired all the time. I guess he will have good days and bad days and we just have to manage it, as best we can.

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