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Post transplant issue

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My brother had a liver re-transplant in Feb '18 and has been feeling fine up until recently. His recent blood tests showed some abnormal readings (I'm not sure what the readings were as he never asks) and a recent ultrasound showed his spleen was enlarged. He does appear to be showing some symptoms of rejection, such as light jaundice and itchy skin. Kings have asked him to come in for a biopsy next week.

Is this something that any other members have had outside of the first few months after transplantation?

I'm getting worried in case something has gone seriously wrong with this transplant too.

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Hiya I had rejection about 5-6 months post transplant ... They will take him in do the biopsy and get him on intravenous steroids (that's amazing he will feel like he-man 😂😂) he will stay in probably a week and tweak his meds and keep an eye on his bloods and he will be right as rain again in a month or so

They say if rejection going to occur they prefer it in the first year as they can get on top of it and take back control ... I know it's scary but he will be fine fingers crossed I haven't had another rejection since x

Oh yes my spleen enlarged and I am 2 years post x

My hubby had blockage of bile duct post transplant.

Treated via endoscopies to clear the blockage.

Hopefully that may be the problem. It is treatable


I’ve had no probs of rejection I’m glad to say. Now 18 mths post. I’m sure they’ll get to the bottom of it. Wishing him all the best

Isabelle x

I was asked to go in 9 months post op because of deranged bloods. They did a liver biopsy and said it was mild rejection.

This can happen. Im sure it’ll be fine. 😊

Thank you for your replies. I will stay positive and hope that it is easily resolved. When they mentioned having a biopsy I immediately started to think something was seriously wrong. I know they have increased his dose of anti-rejection medication and he did say he was feeling a little better today.

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