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So I had a call this morning from Kings College Hospital letting me know that they would like to get me in for assessment on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th October.....she then said a load of stuff about things that will happen - of which I remember nothing......I think I was in shock......

So that's it really.....(I just thought this was still about 10 years off)

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  • Blimey Chelle, how are you feeling about it all? Any idea when it could happen?

  • I feel a bit sick to be honest.....I always thought I was a watch a wait, which I have been, I have slowly started to deteriorate, not that I have let that stop me - I work full time, teach fitness classes.....and I know that just because I am having an assessment doesn't mean that I'll have the transplant but still bit shocked....

    Never mind - they know what they are doing!

  • Hi Chelle

    My understanding was Assessment means possible Trans soon ,,,,because if not all the tests will be out of wack 3/6/9 months down the line ,,someone correct me if wrong just a thought sorry your feeling sick btw,,this is good news i think. Keep Smiling Matt

  • Matt - thanks for the response - I never even thought if it like that! I know its still only a possible......part of me wants it while I'm young and 'healthy' other part of me has grown really attached to the deformed liver I have......

  • Thanks Chris, liver biopsy - I really don't like the idea of that! Will this be your first?

  • I have Blood cancer and have to have a bone marrow biopsy every year - I HATE I feel your pain - I've had quite a few Varicies banded and now hate the smell of the oxygen that goes up your noes.....really makes me feel queasy.....I can smell similar things at work so takes a lot of concentration to not throw up - now that would cause questions to be raised......

    I only started my new job 2 months ago and looks like it could go really well - I travel all of the uk often - Edinburgh on a monthly basis.....I really don't know how this news is going to go down!

    I really hope our biopsy goes well - I would saw pop in and say hi - but I think im gonna be kept busy!

  • I don't blame you for feeling sick, that's a big bit of news. I know what you mean about being on the watch and see list. I always thought the same until I became really ill between consultations.

    Like Chris says the actual tests aren't too bad, I was in for a week and there were hour's of nothing to do, so getting it done over a couple of days is probably the way to go. And what Chris said about having to pass was in my mind to. In fact once I was through the assessment my anxiety and stress let up a bit.

    The biopsy is definitely the worst bit for me too, just go into the zone and you'll be alright. There are people on here who found it painless, I'm not one of them, having said that it's over pretty quickly.

    Good luck

  • Thank you for replying; I got poorly too back in Easter and had another 12 varicies banded, then had an urgent MRI about 3 weeks ago and from that they noticed I have 4 more tumours (18 in total now, I feel like I should get a medal) and the clot in my portal vein has got a little bit bigger.

    I just thought I'd over done things in the gym.....ha how naïve!

    Never mind - I look forward to the big needle and think of you and Chris whilst its being done!

  • Being physically fit enough to do a gym class is a good sign that you will get through the assessment with ease. Because as well as testing that the risk outweighs the benefit (that you're ill enough), it's also important to be physically fit.

  • Hi chelle, I expect you,ve already thought of this but I,d ring Kings back (notebook and questions to hand) explain you were caught off guard when they rang, didn,t take it all in and can they please repeat it. They will be used to that I,m sure. Best wishes to you. anne x

  • Hi Anne, I will give them a call today or tomorrow - I know they have put everything in the post so I will hold off for a bit and see what information I am given, they have lots of people to deal with.

    Isn't it funny how you see adverts of people being told there ill or you see it in films and the world seems to go a bit blurry around them and they have no idea what's going on....ha ha looking back I think that how I was.

  • I resorted to dragging a friend along with me to appointments as everything seems to go in one ear and out t,other!. Then one day I said to my pal "what did the nurse say yesterday about my gallbladder?". "Don,t know" she says, "she was looking down and I cauldn,t see her lips....I,m deaf!". Couldn,t believe it, she knew less about what I,d been told at hospital appointments than I did.

  • lol - I am sorry for your friends deafness - however this made me laugh.

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