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Hi everyone my husband had his transplant on Tuesday the staff at the Queen Elizabeth hospital icu have been amazing within two days they have my husband sitting in chair eating breakfast I cannot thank the donor and their family enough for this precious gift they have given my husband and our family we have a future now and can make lots of memories with our grandchildren god bless and thankyou xx

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That's wonderful . I remember the feeling......better than winning the lottery ! Wishing you both the very best.xx

dougalgromit in reply to h0b0

Thankyou x

Wow, that was quick. Now I say breathe and relax! Great that he’s up, soon he’ll be walking. Time for you to have a little rest before he comes home. You must be so happy, both of you!

Hi Isabelle yes it was really quick I’m so grateful he was only on the transplant list for two weeks and now he is looking better already and the surgeon said that his liver is coming on really well xx

Great news Donna, so happy for you both. Try and rest whilst he is being cared for in the hospital. I'm sure when he comes home you'll be running around looking after him for a little while. I can't imagine how much energy is zapped from you with all the stress/ worry. You must think of yourself too, treat yourself to something you enjoy if you can.

Very best wishes

E x

dougalgromit in reply to Wass71

Thankyou x

Absolutely fantastic news!! He’s doing really well they had me up in chair but unlike your hubby I couldn’t eat a thing for 4 days but then ice cream got me going and was Home in couple of weeks once bloods settled x


Wonderful news. Wishing you and you family a fabulous future together.

L x

dougalgromit in reply to Hidden

Thankyou laura x

Great news. Onwards and upwards x

dougalgromit in reply to Smyally

Thankyou x

Such great news and so much to look forward to. Wish you all the very best. Always as you say so much to thank our donors and their families for giving us another chance not forgetting all the medical staff from all walks of staff for their expertise and care and the health service.

I totally agree with you the staff have been fantastic I don’t think I could thank them enough x

Fab news that he is up and about, he must be doing well. Once physio has been to check muscle strength they will up the anti. My hubby was given a little bicycle to pedal while he was sitting to keep his leg strength up, he complained the first weekend when he wasn't brought it.

Fantastic news! I'm so glad he is on the mend now. Take some time for yourself before he comes home and re-energize. The staff at the QE are incredible and I cannot praise them enough for the work they do everyday.

Great to hear your news the staff on icu do a fantastic job I was on my feet soon after transplant tell him to take his time and before he knows it he will be enjoying what life has to offer

Will do Thankyou x

Fantastic news Donna. You get a rest now as you will need to be strong for him in the coming weeks. Make sure he doesn't try rushing anything, the trick is slowly slowly does it. There might be a few ups and downs yet to come but he will get through it with you by his side. Stay strong, keep positive and you your hubby and family have a wonderful future life together. X 😀

dougalgromit in reply to dizzime

Thankyou xx

Excellent news and hope he continues to go from strength to strength. Best wishes to you both for a happy future and enjoy those grandchildren they are the icing on the cake in life. JX


Great to see so many people sending you such positive messages of love, hope and good health. Wonderful support, lovely people out there xx

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