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Hi everyone my husband had his transplant yesterday and he is on a ventilator to breath but 3 times last night while on the ventilator he has started to breath for himself the doctors have put him into an induced coma and gave him a paralysis drug as they said his blood pressure is so high it’s not good him trying to breath on his own as there is too cd and he is on 50 oxygen I am really worried has anyone else experience this I am so worried thanks

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Hello dougalgromit . 🌷

I can understand how scary and frightening this must be for you. I can't give any constructive advice, but I would say, he's just had major surgery and time is what he needs to get back on his feet. I am sure you have an excellent medical team doing all they possibly can.

Hang in there, and be sure to care for yourself too. He will need you , going forward with his recovery.

Warm wishes,

Cas xx 🌸

Hi Donna, firstly you should’ve delighted he has had his transplant. Secondly after major surgery our bodies will react so differently. In my case my transplant was aborted due to a major haemorrhage and I was transfused with 25 pints of blood. My family were told it was highly unlikely I would live a further 24 hours. I spent 12 days in a coma before regaining consciousness. It took a long slow recovery and bundles of support before I regained a semblance of my old spark. That is now over 18 months ago and although I still have my old liver my surgeon has just written to my GP saying that I have made a “remarkable recovery”. He will regain consciousness when he is ready and in his own time. I just genuinely hope he is having lovely dreams because I know mine were absolutely nuts. Keep holding his hand, talking to him, and most importantly look after yourself and believe in the team that is looking after him.


My dreams were absolutely ridiculous. One was A major hosp computer infiltration by the Russians, first found out as my file went missing. CIA involved. Sworn to secrecy as the hosp didn’t want anyone to know. When I later told this to my hubby I was so convincing he believed me!

Love it!! My husband sometimes has weird dreams. Following the news item earlier this year, when that chap rescued the child from falling off the balcony in Paris...the story that went husband dreamt that Theresa May had let this hero come into England, but he had no where to live. So my husband said he could stay in our spare room and he let him have one of his shirts, as he had no clothes......which is why he had left one of his shirts in the bathroom(at night) for him!!! 😂🤣

Totally crazy!

Hi Donna

I was kept sedated for a further 27hours in icu due to high blood pressure it is fairly common so my Donna was told am now on tablets to control it really pleased he’s back and am sure they will bring him round slowly soon. Have they done s ultra sound since he’s been back yet?



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Isabelle2 in reply to 1football

I’m not sure if it was one of the reasons I was kept in a coma but I too have high blood pressure and take amlodopine. I think it’s pretty common.

Hi dougalgromit

Try not to worry (easier said than done I know). As soon as his oxygen requirement reduces and chest is clear etc they will wean the sedation, wake him and extubate. It sounds like he’s strong and the fact that he’s breathing against the ventilator shows this and paralysing him ensures he gets properly ventilated. Hang on in there holding his hand and talking to him as this stage will soon be over. He’ll be moving on to SHDU then the ward before you know it. Take care of yourself also and recharge your own batteries while he’s ‘sleeping’.

Sending love and good wishes x Pam

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