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The end

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Update: My husband passed away 2 weeks ago from alcoholic liver disease. He battled so very much but of course this disease won in the end.

I'm so sad for him, our children and the rest of his family. I'm particularly sorry for what he had to go through.

It feels like we've all lived through a nightmare for about a year now watching this strong man become weak and totally dependent on others for even the most basic care. It was utterly depressing and heart breaking to watch. I only hope he wasn't aware of what was happening. I definitely would not wish him back to suffer.

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So sorry for you and your families loss x it is an awful disease to watch someone deteriorate from I know before I got my transplant the last few months I wasn't aware of how poorly I was and I was in hospital for 3 months prior begging to go home because I kept telling them how great I felt even though I was a walking skeleton. I hope that just gives you an iota of ease that he most probably wasn't aware of what was happening xx r.i.p

so sorry for your loss..hopefully the peace he needed has now been found.

When my partner died from an overdose I felt like an angel with a broken wing had finally been healed.

It's sad, but sometimes the best way to let go is to know that whatever is next will bring peace. Our disease is terrible and many of the luckiest people are the ones who die fairly quickly rather than living in agony for many years.

I'm sure many might disagree, but I can tell you, as an alcoholic myself, I have seen my own family suffer terribly and still do while they are waiting for me to get another tx. I really hate that for them. They suffered enough whuke I still drank.

be blessed, and know that all is as it should be, even though we may not understand,


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Paulio in reply to dckimberly

I am intrigued by the last line of your comment ....

"be blessed and know that all is as it should be, even though we may not understand"

What is that supposed to mean?

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Hidden in reply to Paulio

think there trying to say or believib in fate

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Miche49uk in reply to Paulio

I would have thought it is meant from a spiritual aspect.. nothing negative

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dckimberly in reply to Paulio

I mean that I believe life is, if you will, like a chess game. We may only be able to see the pieces or moves right in front of us. We cannot see the entire board, and how one move cannot affect the game or strategy as a whole.

I also like to think we also are all like points of light in the night sky..a web of lights, everything connected as a whole.

Life I believe is a series of moves, lessons and patterns. Everything has cause and effect.

So while I may not understand everything that is happening, as long as I am keeping my side of the street clean, and caring for those around me, then all is as it should be. Acceptance is the key..that along with the courage to change things that are harming self or others.

Sorry if I am being too philosophical. I find it helps me to feel connected and can bring me peace if I let it.

Ng you on!


I'm so sorry for your loss and what you and your husband and family had to suffer. Thoughts with you xx

Hi, I am so sad reading your post, it brought back memories of my hubby, though his suffering, as far as we knew, was only 6 weeks, watching your lived ones life pass away is so hard. Im thinking of youand yours as I type, bless you all.

As my friend said to me, life is horrible when you lose someone, everything around you carries on like nothing has changed, yet for you, the world is spinning on a different axis.

Please take things slowly, one step at a time. Try not to feel guilty if you find something funny, try to remember all the things you have because you met your partner and cherish them.

I hope you are OK financially losing a partner is hard enough without money worries.

Please ask for help, people dont often know how to help - do you need help dusting/vacuuming etc. My house was left pretty much untouched for a month - it was so nice to get it sparkling again with help from my friends and light hearted as we chatted and caught up - well they gave me all the catch ups...

Sending you strength and love to help you all through the hardest of experiences. 💕💕💕

I've liked this post because of your bravery in coming here to let us all know of your sad loss.

There are no words when someone we love leaves us, your post is eloquent, kind and loving.

My deepest condolences to you all

Michelle xx


We were so sorry to hear your news.

We echo everything that has already been said, especially from Geffy.

Many here, including ourselves, have come through with a positive result.

So it's right to be reminded that we need to give support and help when the story ends in sadness.

Kimberley said something quite true. There are things beyond all of our understanding and there are times when we need to accept what is sent our way.

Take care,

Jim and Lucy

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Thank you for posting.

We send sincere condolences from us all at BLT

So sorry about you husbands loss....

I lost my brother too last week with ARLD and it was so painful see him leave us...Take heart mum,may his soul rip

So very sorry for your loss xx

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I am so sorry for your dad loss. You are all I'm my thoughts and prayers. Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you. I am here if you need to talk (I lost my dad to the same disease). Take care.

Thanks for all your good wishes. Life moves on but in a different way. I feel very sad for all that my husband will miss out on, we have 3 children who will not now have a dad to guide them through life. I feel this responsility on my shoulders now. I feel sorry for the slow horrible death that my husband had although I feel he may not have been aware, here's hoping.

I feel that maybe I could have done more, I also feel had I not left him maybe he wouldn't have drank as much, but he drank for all our marriage and I realise I'm not responsible for his actions. I have to tell myself that. With all this comes lots of guilt for the people left behind.

I hope he's at peace now and I realy believe he is

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