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Still experiencing pain in my upper right abdomen

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Hi, so last December 2017 i have been diagnosed with liver fibrosis. I had to changed my lifestyle because of this. My weight now is down to 154 pounds (from 190 pounds) then last friday i undergo blood test. My ALT now is now normal (from 56 now to 34). Will undergo again on fibroscan and ultrasound this June. Just wanted to know why is still my upper right abdomen still experiencing discomfort sometimes? Is this normal? How long will i experience this? Appreciate your inputs on this. Thank you :)

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Hi I experience the same pain that comes and goes depending on what I'm doing if I exert myself I feel it if I rest it don't but I know it can be worrisome.Stress also can bring it on.I've had stage3-4 for35+ yrs.My tests are in the normal range.So my advice is to eat healthy.Drink water often and try not to worry and rest when you can.Be happy😁!!

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Wow 30 years you really give me hope as I was also diagnosed in November with mild fibrosis and I keep telling myself it's going to be over soon but 30 years I want to see my beautiful 4 girls grow up so bad you really give me hope thank you I hope I'll be lucky like you I'm only 32

I was diagnosed with liver fibrosis in Jan. I have very mild discomfort just under my rib and in my middle back on the right side.

I've drastically changed my eating and haven't had a drop of alcohol but haven't lost a pound. I have NAFL due to high triglycerides and borderline diabetes. So far nothing has changed. I've read it can take up to 3 years for the liver to heal.

Don't be frustrated because it hasn't been that long for you. Nor for me. Just stick with it. I just keep telling myself this is worth not having to have a transplant. It's like a second chance and hopefully I can make the most of it.

I do wish I had more information on diet. I read various articles but they often contradict each other. But I do know I will not drink alcohol and I will avoid all pain meds and corn syrup as much as possible. I will eat mostly nature, very little processed. And as the weather gets better I will try to get outside and moving more. (It doesn't help that my job increased our hours, at my age I was hoping to work less)

I have IT too was Diagnosed with fibrosis 0-1 changed my life lost 50 pounds but still have pain doctor told me it could be due too that one little gallbladderstone which I couldn't believe another doctor told me too that at this early stage it could only be the gallbladder as it tends to make trouble when you have fibrosis anyway I hope and pray we 2 reverse our fibrosis although I never really read no proof that it's really possible never give up hope

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I was diagnosed with f3 fibrosis. This past few weeks ive been feeling pain again thats why it bothers me cuz the pain stops last jan and feb. I thought it will be gone since i had changed my lifestyle. Me too i still i havent found a solid proof that fibrosis can be reversible but hey everthing is possible in this world and hopefully we can surpass this challenge :)

It may take some time but as u say it happen sometimes may b during exercise because if pain is during exercise then that is due to increase blood supply to liver. Liver dilate and put pressure on gleason capsule which is pain sensitive and hence u feel pain.

If this pain is during exercise or after a sprint then it is normal i guess because it is a normal phenomenon in persons with sedentry lifestyle when they start exercising

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