Peculiar Pain in Upper back

Hiya. I do post on here intermittently & am very concerned just now. I have a GP appointment today as I am getting a peculiar pain at the back of my ribs on the left hand side. It is under my bustling but at the back of my ribs next to my spine. It has become more frequent over the last couple of months, to the point now where I am worrying.

I have Hereditary Haemochromatosis (HH) & I also have an Outpatient Appt for a Venesection (vs) following my GP appt.

I have Liver Cirrhosis & take propranolol & Omeprazole for unbanded oesophageal varisces (ov) . I have twice yearly ultrasound (u/s) on my abdomen.

The pain feels like someone poked me hard in the back of the ribs & then it feels cold & sharp followed by a pulsating pain. I wonder if any of you may have an idea of what that could be? I know I'M off to the Doc's but I haven't slept yet for worrying about what to ask. The cirrhosis I think is end-stage but none of the Consultant's I see have mentioned Ascites, despite my abdomen being bloated! I'd never heard of it other than when I last posted on here. The pain I can feel now at the back left of my ribs & it's a cold, stabbing - almost like it's radiating cold.

Thanks & sorry it's a long post!

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  • I meant under my BUSTLINE not Bustling!

  • Sorry you are suffering. Do you still have your gall bladder? It's a possibility for stabbing pain in middle of back

  • Yes, I have my gall bladder. I managed to get copies of some of my blood test results. I just need to know what gall bladder readings would come under - there are so many different abbreviations on it! I will have a look on the BLT info as I'M sure I saw the info on there. Thankyou so much!


  • Well done on arranging to get it checked out. I had similar intermittent intense stabbing back pain. I ignored it for 4 weeks thinking it was probs a trapped nerve. After third visit to GP I left the surgery in an ambulance, I'd been having a heart attack sorted with a stent. The symptoms were atypical but I've since read they're not uncommon for a woman. I'm male. Very good luck to you.

  • Thanks for that. I had a test on my heart a couple of years ago, to do with my HH & that came back fine!


  • I think it sounds like it could be the kidneys but do not worry, these kinds of pains come and gone, maybe right now the kidneys are stressed and later they will be relieved of whatever is causing the pain, it could be pain from too much protein, our bodies, our organs are very sensitive. I have been living with end stage liver disease for years and now I am considered to be in liver failure and I have liver cancer but I am fine, I have these issues like the one you have right now, they come and they go. I can still cycle 25 miles on the highway along the ocean. Good luck to you. You are stronger than you think and so are your organs...

  • Aaaaaw xxxx thanks for that, it is very reassuring. I saw a Locum GP this morning who was useless, however my Consultant is going to send me a priority appointment through. I'm so pleased that you are so positive for yourself, that in itself is very refreshing reading. Keep the Ocean close to your heart & it in turn will replenish your soul.

  • How to describe a pain? it is difficult. After my transplant I had a stent in bile ducts, they "tickled" my pancreas they said, since then I have intermittently a very intense pain , when it comes on it pulses (in time with my pulse?) and it causes me to screw up my face in pain, which I can think myself out of by going with the pain (sounds like child birth techniques I helped my wife with!) and the pain can subside in 20 pulses if I am lucky. This can come on with going to the toilet this probably doesnot help you... but I suffer no long term ill affects so far!

  • Thanks for your replies. I am seeing my Consultant this coming Monday, thanks to my marvellous Nurses in the Daycare Ward. I have seen somewhere a list of what the abbreviations mean on my blood test sheet. I have been given a few pages of my blood test results & wanted to look some of the results up. Can anyone help?

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