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Upper right abdominal pain

My name is Emilee. I'm 25. For the past 4 months I've been struggling with pain in my upper right abdomen in my ribs it feels like. I have trigger points. Greesy foods and if I have 1 alchohol beverage on the weekend the pain will last for two days. Cant lay on my back or my side and it wakes me from my sleep. I've felt bloated, and flushed, I'll loose my appetite as well. I've had an ultrasound and they didn't see anything. And blood work only came back with high imflimation markers. There going to keep running tests. But I hate this pain.

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Emilee, I am sorry to hear you are going through so much. Are you sure you don't have IBS? A lot of your symptoms are similar to IBS....However I am sure if the docs are running test you will find out soon enough! If your triggers are greasy foods or alcohol I would suggest abstaining from both of these..

Good Luck! I hope you get some answers soon!


It could also be gall bladder issues greasy food and alcohol can trigger an attack.


The doctor did an ultrasound to see if he could see any issues and couldn't find any so now I have a HIDA scan to go to. Hopefully will get to the bottom of this pain


I am glad they did an ultrasound. I had abdominal pain for years especially after eating greasy food. I did jobs that were short term contracts all over the place so I would go and see a GP 3 or 4 times about it then have to move. None of them referred me for an ultra sound. 17 years later I was really ill and they found out that my common bile duct had been damaged and wasn't draining bile from my liver correctly for years. I was very ill and could have died. They spotted the problem on an ultra sound 17 years after I 1st started going to see GP's in the UK and that only happened because I left the UK and the doctor in the states automatically sends you for an ultrasound and does blood tests if you go to them complaining of abdominal pains. They never did a thing for me in the UK other than prescribe ant acids and zantac which never cured the problem. The doctors in the UK never did a test at all.

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Just wondering if u ever had any results back


I had similar issues, upper right abdomen is sore when pressed and seems enlarged to me, liver function tests showed a problem so was sent for ultrasound and it showed I have gallstones, very bloated as well, written results not back yet from the ultrasound test so will see what the GP says when they are back, worried too, before this I was in good health, reg exercise good diet, non drinker now for years, though I drank a lot when I was younger. I am a male aged 49.


Also worried now I may have Ascites, I really should stop googling I suppose, hopefully it's just IBS or some upset stomach type thing, been severely bloated now for a week though, walking around is even getting uncomfortable, worried sick to be honest.


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