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Abnormal Liver Function Test

Hi, I haven't been diagnosed with anything because my doctors said there's nothing to worry about, but I've been studying about Myeloma and I'm suddenly kinda scared about my blood test results I took in January 2017.

I'm 21 this year. I have a slightly high ALP of 119, which according to Australian guidelines, is over the 115 limit. I also have high total protein of around 89, with slightly raised globulin levels. My total protein and raised globulin has been constant since I first tested my blood in 2013. All my red and white blood cell (neutrophils, lymphocytes etc.) counts are within normal range.

The doctor has sent me for a Myeloma test, and I have no paraprotein present. It may also be important to note that I've always had low vitamin D and Iron levels, as I was vegan and ate no dairy, meat or supplements, and I do not get enough sunlight. I have started eating eggs, dairy and meat 11 months ago so I'm not sure if my levels has improved yet.

I've read that high total protein may be a sign of HIV too, but both my partner and I have donated blood multiple times and we've always been asked to donate again, so I suppose we're negative.

My doctor has said it may be that my body is just like that normally, and that there's nothing to be worried about. I'm still paranoid though, should I go for another blood test with a different doctor?

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Hi ytfuuuuu

Firstly hi there

Nobody is medically trained on here so it’s your doctor you really should be asking medical questions too but advice we can give, to be honest you sound absolutely fine and like you say you give regular blood which is fantastic so well done you !! Plus Australian guide lines could be different to ours really not could ask a different doctor but wouldn’t your blood be sent off to be tested?

Best wishes



Hi there! Thank you so much :)

I've seen 2 doctors and they both said I was fine since I'm still young and all. The thing is, I get really bad panic attacks when it comes to health problems, and it makes me scared to test my blood just because "ignorance is bliss" and all, if you know what I mean. But! I also doubt doctors telling me I'm fine as I've seen many cases where serious diseases go unnoticed because it was brushed off by doctors in the early stages or because patients were young. I know, I'm kinda contradicting myself haha!

And yeah, in Aus we see a doctor, they send our blood off to the lab, and the same doctor will receive the result. So I can ask for opinions from different doctors!



If your blood gets sent off to a lab then it doesn’t matter what doctor you see the result will be the same,you mention panic attacks this could well be happening am not saying it is but it might be and they can be pretty frightening maybe talk this over with doctor at same time and explain your concerns regards bloods




High protein can be due to dehydration, doctors tell us to fast before testing and many people don't drink water for 8-12 hrs.


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