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Abnormal liver test. Help please!!

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Ok so I need some input because I have no idea...I am 29 yr old and what you call a binge drinker but not every weekend.

I did a random health check blood test and got back ALT at 93.6, ALP at 189 and very slightly raised globulin at 35.9. Everything else was normal or optimal.

I went to the gp who wants to repeat the test but wasn’t very helpful in explaining if this is worrying or not.

I have slight pain in my right side and back but this has only gotten bad since I’ve started to worry...I google things and it’s made me more worried.

My question is...are these results worrying...could I have really damaged my liver beyond repair.

Any advice would be great

Thank you in advance

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Hi, I didn’t want to read and run. We are not allowed to discuss tests etc on here as we are not Doctors. Please don’t take offence but you need to stop drinking now and get help if you need it with regard to this. Also, you need to lose weight if you are overweight and eat healthily and exercise and those numbers should go back into normal range. I hope this doesn’t sound harsh, it isn’t meant to be, but you are aware of your drinking issues. Given your age hopefully this is a warning to you to change your lifestyle...if you don’t you could end up in real trouble. All the best Owlie

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Hik22 in reply to Owlie

No not harsh at all. Thank you for your post.

Haven’t had a drink for almost 6 weeks now and plan to carry that on till this is sorted.

I am over weight in both muscle and fat if that makes sense

Sorry I wasn’t aware about discussing results just literally really hard to get any info and I don’t know what anyone’s experience with doctors is but mine don’t tend to communicate too well and google is literally the worse.

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Owlie in reply to Hik22

Well done on stopping the drinking keep it up and get support if you need it...if you feel yourself slipping go for a run or phone a friend etc. Don’t google, we all do it...especially me and I scared myself stupid. Lose weight and exercise healthily. No stupid diets etc. I eat porridge with flaxseed and chia seeds for breakfast, tuna salad or sandwich for lunch and chicken, salmon or turkey with veg for dinner. Snacks would be raw veg like carrots, bananas and blueberries. I only drink water. Start slow with exercise and build up slowly. I went from 10 mins on a cross trainer to 1 hour and also did a free weights programme. With food try and stay away from carbs and anything white, bread rice etc and don’t eat anything processed if you can. Eventually your blood tests will go into normal range as the weight comes off. Mine did so speaking from experience, it does take a while though and isn’t a quick fix. If the food thing is difficult, start by making small swaps so brown rice for white etc.

I know it’s hard not to worry but this could be your wake up call. Mine certainly was and yes sometimes you do slip up, but everyone on her will help you only need to ask. Cheers Owlie

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briccolone in reply to Hik22

hi a lot of folk post results for the same reason-they've haven't been explained. We're asked not to post because we're not doctors. However-you have a couple of results out of kilter so need so be explored further. Keep up with going dry-as the other say-good start-weight loss is also helpful as is healthy diet and exercise. Come back when you've had the retest and next time ask the GP what those results mean-keep a copy of the results as well.

Hi Hik22

Firstly welcome to this fabulous forum.of caring friendly people who will give you advice based on there own experiences.

Secondly some of these lovely people have been previous alcoholics and some are still suffering with unbearable pains 24 hours a day because it's to late for them to have a transplant for numerous reasons!

There are others who have undergone a sucessful transplant who will also give amazing advice as to why you should stay off the demon pop!

Note: Not all liver diseases are caused by alcohol, some are caused by long term medications or a bad eating life style which could start off the process of a none alcoholic fatty liver disease which could then progress further onto cirrhosis if care is not taken!

All I'm going to say is please take note of Owlie's lovely advice , get fit, eat healthy and exercise!

Finally I personally suggest you sit in a quiet place alone and think deeply about your life and where you'd like to be in 5 or 10 years time, then say to yourself can I achieve my dreams and will my life be a happy healthy one if I start drinking again?

Note 2 ..... Only you can make those life changing decisions if you truly want to live those dreams!

Remember were all here to offer you that helping advice hand if you want to grab hold of it!'

Good luck and well done with your achievements so far!


Shropshirelass x

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Owlie in reply to

Well said Trishi!

Hi, you say you want to carry on not drinking until you get this sorted out ??? I'm sorry I don't understand your thinking, this is a kick up the a*@e your liver is giving you. You are young and you can enjoy going out without drinking, like ShropshireLass posted some have been alcoholics and live in pain I was one of the lucky ones and had a transplant. Liver disease is a long painful battle both body and mind. I wish you all the best and hope your issues get resolved. I hope I haven't offended you I just wish I had that wake up call at your age.

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Hik22 in reply to joeburger

That was def the wrong wording...you are right and I didn’t mean to offend anyone...trust me googling stuff (which I know you shouldn’t do but sort of can’t help doing) has given me the kick up the backside.

I’ve joined a gym this morning and got back from my food shop which I walked to....but may have got the bus back lol but I’ve gone to town on Whole meal, white meats and many a fruit and veg.

Sounds weird but the pain has stopped since reading your posts and started actually making a plan.

Those results you quote can be raised by any number of things and them being raised is an exceptionally common finding in the population as a whole. The usual protocol is for your gp to do another test after a few weeks to see if they are still raised. That will then determine whether any further action is needed. If they think it may be related to your drinking they may ask to abstain and do a further test. It's basically a case of ruling out the simple before looking for the more complicated.

Random update

I had another set of bloods done where a doctor on the phone basically told me I was I’m serious trouble.

This wasn’t my regular doctor and she told me I had a liver defect since 2018 and I couldn’t take certain medications and could not drink alcohol for the rest of my life.

This absolutely terrified me...I was like what you mean since 2018 and apparently my lft was abnormal then, so I convinced myself I’d done some major damage.

Had ultrasound today and the gents were brilliant...told me then and there that everything was completely fine... everything was working and looking great and explained what the doctor had said which they said was wrong as she had no evidence to make such assumptions.

He said the fact my bloods were abnormal shows I have hurt myself but as the ultra sound is good I can easily get them back on track if I sort myself out.

They told me how I should take this as a warning to make changes in my life and learn from it which is exactly what I’m

Gonna do!!

Thanks so much for the support guys and not running away

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