Need help! Liver function tests repeatedly abnormal/high enzymes!

Sorry for the long post, this has been going on for a while now. Whenever I come here to find similar issues I can never exactly find one so i'll explain mine.

In October 2013 my liver function (enzyme levels) tests started to come back as slightly high but nothing major (they put it down to rising due to the fact I was pregnant) but they are STILL high. I have had SO many blood tests. In April 2014 they were very high sitting at about 300. They have gone up and down since then. Throughout 2014 they went from 300 down to 150 down to 70 and back up again. February 2015 I had an MRI which showed nothing, I have had chest X-rays and ultrasounds on my other organs which again, have come back normal. I then had a back mri as I get pain in my right side (liver area) and again, it came back normal. However my liver function tests are still coming back high. they were considering a liver biopsy a few months back, my levels had dropped to 61, then in a month gone up to 115. they said, for me, they aren't high enough for one yet so are monitoring it with routine blood tests. I had my most recent tests done Tuesday as I have experienced some unexplained weight loss and tiredness, I phoned thursday and they were all back. All normal, except once again my liver function test. But for different reasons. Apparently the blood had 'clotted' so they were unable to test it? She claimed it was normal but it had NEVER happened in my life, nor my mum and grandads (who have had thousands of blood tests done). Im sure im just making myself paranoid but it's bugging me that these tests have been abnormal for 2+ years and is causing me pain and they still don't know why. Im 21, dont drink much as im a single parent and I don't and have never done any kind of drugs. Has this happened to anyone/anyone you know? Thank you!

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  • Hi,

    My ALT is elevated, and among other reasons for that I will be tested for autoantibodies to check for autoimmune liver disease. Did you have this test?

  • Not sure :/ been tested for so much I can't even remember! All I know is everything has come back as absolutely normal except them! They did a full bone profile and it was the enzymes that were high and everything else they've tested for are normal which is why they are confused :/ I have the repeat blood test Thursday as the other clotted so I'll ask them then x

  • Good luck. Hope the reason will be found!

    I've had 2 babies in last 3 years and I don't even know if they checked liver function during pregnancy or not?

  • Thank you, me too! Hope there's nothing serious for both of us :) They only checked as I had the itchy hands which could have been preeclampsia, but luckily it wasn't but that's when they noticed it. It wasn't untill I ended up in a&e i the April with severe abdominal pain that they did across the board tests and found it high at 300 and have been investigating ever since. Im even seeig a gastroenterologist consultant instead of my normal doctor x

  • I had extreme abdominal pain at 34 weeks pregnant. They didn't do anything until I had baby as none of my levels were significant enough. It then took them 2years and many tests but the final test was a scan and the sonographer took it upon herself to just go over my gallbladder and yes two big stones!!

    I found my symptoms would come in waves, so this could be a reason why your Alt keeps fluctuating?!!

    Just a thought.😊

  • you dont say say which enzymes are raised?-it helps others to help you

  • They didn't say specifically they just said my ALT levels are high and then went on to say it's the enzyme levels

  • ok so its ALT-next time you got to the GP ask for a copy of your blood results

  • Okay will do :)

  • I would demand to be referred to a Heptologist; not a gastroenterologist. You need answers now and you could have more tests done with the Heptologist and he would also find out very quickly if you have a liver problem.

  • I'll ask to be referred thursday! have a feeling im getting a kidney infection so it's just fun times for my organs at the moment! :(

  • I agree get a second opinion, see a Heptolosist. Keep asking for answers. Have they looked at you gallbladder?

  • Yea they looked at it in an ultrasound and did bloods on it aswell as my spleen and alls okay there

  • Good luck and don't allow yourself to be fobbed off; doctors have it within their power to refer you urgently.

  • I definitely agree with Briccolone it is important to know which liver enzymes are raised and what the levels are. ALT is the only liver specific enzyme so the other raised enzymes could be due to another problem eg kidney. Definatley ask for a print out, I do every time as there are a lot of clues in the results. I'm sure someone on this forum could help you if you give specific numbers. You do need to be a bit pushy with your GP as they tend to be a bit complacent. After all you want (if there is a problem) to nip it in the bud not wait until it's serious. Good luck bunny hope you get some answers soon.

  • They said all my other organs are okay and they've only mentioned the ALT and said all the rest are fine so think it's just them! Im not sure I'll definitely find out, although I do have a kidney infection at the moment :( thank you hun!

  • Sorry meant hunny. 😀

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