Abnormal liver function test

Hi All,

I have recently been told I have an under active thyroid and have been having lots of blood tests.

Anyway I got my latest lot of results back and it says I have to have a repeat liver function test in 6 weeks. I have an appointment to see my doctor on Monday because they also found problems with my Serum ferritin levels.

Should I be worried? The thing is I get pain just below my rib cage on the right hand side, haven't told the doc about this as just thought it was because of how I sit, once I move position the pain goes away.

This weekend is going to drag.

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  • Do yo k ow what the problem is with your serum Ferritin level , is it too high or too low ?

  • The receptionist didn't say , just said that I needed to see the doctor again

  • I have the exact same symptoms. Awaiting an ultrasound scan of the abdomen. Trying not to read too much stuff as I am frightening myself!

  • I've tried staying away from Google, been painting and decorating all weekend to take my mind off of things. I have the docs at 9.30 tomorrow, so not much longer to wait. Hope all goes well for you

  • I went to my GP with a mild headache which was entering 3rd week. Health screen revealed high ferritin levels and abnormal LFTs. I do have a "grumbling" gall bladder. My scan is on 10th April so hopefully will know what's going on soon. Good luck at the GP's appointment.

  • Good luck at the Dr.s

  • So I've been to the doctors, I'm now on iron tablets and as for my liver, he said it maybe a little sluggish due to my under active thyroid. I've got to have another function test in May, so hopefully all will be well.

  • Oops just read your post. Glad it went ok.

  • Many hypo people have abnormal lft's.

  • Hi,

    If you are concerned about your liver function test results, it may be a good idea to make an appointment with the GP that ordered them and discuss your worries. They could also examine you with regards to your pain.

    You may find our publication 'Liver disease tests explained' useful to read prior to speaking with the GP;


    We hope that is helpful,

    Best wishes,


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