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Congested liver, inherited?

My father had all the symptoms of someone who would have a congested liver. And probably a fatty liver as well. He died in his 50's.

I now have the same symptoms and I'm in my early 30's. Hormone imbalances, the works.

I'm wondering if there is any known condition where someones liver can become congested faster than other people's liver can ?

I've eaten what I thought was a healthy diet my whole life.. Even limited meat intake. But it seems that very small meal portions are the only way I control these symptoms. I don't drink.

I'm looking for known, inheritable conditions which would explain why my father had this and now I have this? Can anyone help?


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Hemochromatosis is an inherited / genetic disorder that often goes undiagnosed, and would cause early liver related death in males. It's an iron accumulation that causes this. The liver is the primary storage site for excess iron, & thus is most affected.

A full iron lab (bloods) or at least ferritin to start should disclose this disease or rule it out. These tests are dirt cheap and your doc shouldn't mind adding this to your next bloods lab order.

Hope you can find out what's going on and get it fixed soon!


I have Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, which is genetic, and I'm liver affected. You can have a blood test for Alpha1.


Thanks very much! I'm bouncing between looking at the liver or the gall bladder. Both my father and I suffer from the physical symptoms of hormone imbalances and other symptoms all synonymous with a congested liver. No amount of exercise helps.

I have some small brown patches on my cheeks but nothing significant. (thought it could be related to high ferretin but probably not). I just don't understand why I get these clogged liver symptoms so easily. I eat 10 times as healthy as all the people around me (who have not symptoms like I get) and yet I have to be very careful. My father was the same (who I might add has not passed, and died quiet young).

Because we're both so similar, I thought there might be something known and genetic which links us in this area.


I've never heard of either of these diseases. I'm postmenopausal and all of my ailments seemed to start around age 50. However, I've had a cough and used an inhaler as long as I can remember, as does my daughter. I have not had weight loss, only weight gain.

I've been feeling frustrated since my liver came up bad, because everyone I know eats poorly and drinks and all seem to be healthy.

Thank you all for this forum. I have no one to talk to, even doctors. My family is in denial. To a certain extent I am too. Except whe I go to bed at night I have a reminder of right sided discomfort in my abdomin and back.

I'm only beginning my journey. And I feel very lonely.


Lara, I feel for you and am sad to hear you feel so alone. I have been in a similar place too. You will find comfort & support from this forum. This is a positive step on what is, as you say, a journey. As Trust members show it can be a rollercoaster. I hope you find good medical help & kind group support. Wishing you all the best, regards Scarred but not too Scared.


I'm hearing you Lara! All my friends live on rubbish and drink and look and feel great. There was a competition at work among the men to see who could shape up and lose weight the most over 3 months. So... all the junk food addicts switched their french fries and coke for Pizza and lemon due (because pizza is obviously healthy with all those green and red bits in it) and would you believe they lost weight and even started to look healthier.

I run 65 km a week and go to the gym and cannot drop a pound.

It's just too easy for some people! That's why it's almost impossible to get help from the establishment. I'm glad to find this forum too!


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