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Fatty Liver (Non Alcoholic) I think


I have all the symptoms of NAFLD and have had so since I was quite young. Before I was a teenager. My father was the same.

At around 30 years old I started to accumulate fat on my chest like my father had. He is now long passed. I think I have the same problem and believe it has to do with the liver. We never found what was wrong with him, he just died of heart disease.

I want to understand what kind of liver problems can I inherit. My liver function tests come back normal but I have all the symptoms of fatty liver ( to the T) and it was not doubt inherited. Can you be born with a deficiency in liver enzymes or something like that which causes fat to accumulate in my liver.

I have noticed tiny meals are the only way I can lose weight. No doubt it prevents overloading my liver. I do not drink or smoke. I have eaten healthy my whole life with the exception of eating bread as I grew up. Not even soft drinks.

What kind of liver problems could I have inherited?

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dear suntommy

Thank you for joining our forum. We do hope you find it helplful and supportive.

Please have a look at our publication on Non-Alcohol Related Fatty Liver disease (NAFLD) as it details other tests that you could ask for (eg ultrasound scan, cholesterol & triglyceride tests) and also gives an indication of other factors that can make you susceptible to fatty liver disease.

It is on our website here: britishlivertrust.org.uk/li...

Please feel free to call our helpline on 0800 652 7330 if you have further questions.

I hope this helps.

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Alright, well first thing you need to do is get your cholesterol checked given the history of your father. HDL, LDL, Total Cholesterol, triglycerides, next look into something called deep fat, this is fat that embeds itself into your organs and causes many problems like NAFLD. A newer fibroscan can give you a CAP score, which is the measure of how much hepatic steatosis (liver fat) you have. I get flack for recommending fibroscans like they are hotcakes, however, something that can catch a potentially fatal disease and give you the chance to fix it before it becomes fatal is worth the coin. You want to know if you have a fatty liver get a fibroscan. Also they make a NASH fibrosure test, which is a blood test. This will use a special analysis to come up with how much fat your liver may have. Now I think a fibroscan is all you would need, however, a fibrosure will also test your liver function, enzymes, cholesterol, GGT. You have many options to try to figure out what is going on. It could also be gallbladder issues, so need to start ruling out each possibility.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I very much appreciate your help. I agree, it could well be a gallbladder issue too. Not sure yet. I'm in Australia so getting tests is a little difficult to do.

Doctor's here just give you an LFT and if it comes back normal then you're given a clean bill of health. None of the dozen's I've seen will go beyond that.

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Never stop with this. I got my fibroscan in the uk after countless blood tests saying everything was fine. As it happened, I got referred from a different angle. I refused to take statins for my high cholesterol levels, so the gp sent me to a lipid clinic, and it was the consultant there who referred me to a liver consultant. It turned out I had significant fibrosis. The reason my bloods were always fine was because the fibrosis was stable over the years, most likely because I have had it most of my life, and was always being careful because mum died of f cirrhosis, and I had a feeling I might too if not careful.

So if you get your cholesterol tested and it is high, ask to be referred to the lipd clinic and go from there xx

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