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Liver transplant

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Life after the liver transplant for my father is boon good other then the little stuff but that’s normal accoutring to the dr but I have questions if anyone can help me . My father has been had this itching problem and now it’s getting much worst and there asking him to go in for test now I read some stuff and it all not good new can anyone help ? Answer my worries cuz everything I read has the word death

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Hello Sana, and welcome to the site. I'm so glad to hear that your father continues to recover well after his Liver transplant. Sadly you haven't said which country you are in. I ask this as different countries have different reporting procedures, if someone gets into any difficulty or has a reaction.

If your Father had his transplant in one to the transplant centres here in the UK, my advice would be to ring up the transplant coordinator's of the liver hospital where he had his transplant. They will be able to give you first hand advice and support. Please avoid trying to research for answers courtesy of Dr Google as these can often be misleading and totally wrong.

Good Luck, and I wish both you and your Father good Health.


It isn't uncommon to get some blockages in the liver after transplant which can go onto cause itching due to issues with bile ducts etc. It sounds like your father's transplant team are on the case in calling him back in for tests. Don't panic at this stage, it sounds like doctors will get to the bottom of this and there are treatment options. Even in cases of mild rejection it is often a case of just adjusting some of the medications.

Trust in the doctors and try and accompany your father to appointments if you can and hear straight from the doctors what they think is going on.

Best wishes, Katie

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I'm sorry I can't help you but just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you boy. Take care. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Hi there so glad your father is doing well after transplant. I had mine done in August 2013, not long after I started itching, a lot, and had to go back in as it can be a sign of slight rejection. Now don't panic this can be quite normal. It takes time for the hospital to get the anti rejection drugs to the right levels. They will check bloods and change his meds and/ or put him extra steroids while it calms down. I had extra steroids and my meds changed and I am still here after 5 years. It is a massive operation your father has had and it will take time for everything to settle down. Remember if you think anything is not right let the transplant team know and let them decide what to do. Good luck 😊

Sana, I would be glad to help and answer any questions during this difficult time. I went through all of this with my Mom and would have no problem sharing all that I have learned. Let me know wlat questions you have.

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Thank I so much . The dr’s are going to see him on Monday but he has been Itching his skin and he got break out from it and at first they said is normal and now they are saying that it’s out of countrol and I been reading on line it keep scaring me saying it happens to 5% of people that the kidneys are not working or it means the transient is failing and death so I stop reading it . Do u know what the itching have to do with all of this

Thank u all for the answers we will wait till Monday and find out and I will try to stay away from dr google

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