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My father has diabetes for last 5 years, and 6 months report is 6.4.


Endoscopic finding:

Esophagus : 2 columns of high grade esophageal varices with red sign positive. 3 bands applied.

Stomach : Severe PHG

Duodenum : Multiple ulceration noted in first and second part of duodenum. Large ulcer was oozing at the time of endoscopy.

Impression : see text above

Recommendations : Follow up after 2 weeks

My father Biochemistry report is fine


Liver : Size : 13.6, Texture Coarse,

what should i do now or is everything fine ?

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Do you attend appointments with your father? Things are sadly not fine as is shown in the results above and he probably need to have some support to take in the information as to what is being told to him plus you as a family need to know the details in order to help him cope with what is happening.

It would appear he definitely has cirrhosis - with the description of his liver having a coarse texture plus the portal hypertension which has caused both the portal hypertensive gastropathy (Severe PHG) and the varices in his oesophagus. Has doctor discussed treating the Hepatitis C (HCV+)? Blood results can appear normal even with advanced cirrhosis.

You definitely need to be involved in dad's care going forward so make sure he is happy for you to attend appointments etc.

All the best - Happy New Year to you.



Thank u Katie.

Doctor told me after 2 weeks , they will work on Hepatitus C treatment via medications. but now my father is fine, Stool are not black or bleedy, etc. he is eating all things.

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This forum is here to share experiences and provide support to each other and we would advise against posting any test results or asking for specific medical advice.

This is not a medical forum and should not be used to try and make diagnoses or replace advice from your own medical practitioners who have a much wider view of your health and test results.

We appreciate how worried you are and hope you can still post with regards to support and information but it is against the rules of our forum to post test results and to ask for specific medical advice.

You may find The British Liver Trust publication on liver disease tests explained useful to read. However, it really would be best to discuss your test results with your own doctors who know you best,

Kind Regards,

BLT Admin

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The hospital have banded what are large esophageal varices because they were at risk of bleeding. They'll want to go back in and check on how effective the banding has been, or whether they need to do more, hence the follow up appointment. The leaflet below is a good example explaining the process and is what the link on the NHS england website takes you to.


Your father will probably have similar advice from the hospital that did his endoscopy and banding.

I'm not going to offer any form of diagnosis here, as per BLT rules, but what you describe, in my experience, are not great signs. You and your father need to be extremely vigilant and look out for signs of further bleeding. Blood in vomit, blood in stools (either fresh blood or dark tarry stools), feeling light headed. If these signs occur, make sure you seek medical advice quickly. Personally, given what you describe, i'd be straight to A&E or the ER depending which country you are from.

In terms of what is causing the varices i'll make a bold assumption that your father already has an understanding of that. If not, you need to get to the bottom of it and make sure you get referred to a specialist. Treating the underlying cause is the only effective way of preventing the varices from reforming.


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