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Father in Law biopsy


Ok guys, I need your help and infinite knowledge!

My father in law has had a scan on his liver and they have found a lump. He is having a biopsy at Newcastle Hospital in a couple of weeks. He thinks this is a day thing and will be in an out. I am sure he will have sedation am I right? In which case he will need picking up from the hospital?

He’s also decided it’s cancer because in his letter that he’s been sent from the hospital they have included Marie Curie information....now I know that he will need more than just a US to confirm however (and I know more than anyone how we are all different), how long between biopsy and results?

I hope your all ok! X

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Hi Chelle, I’m in Scotland and liver biopsy is done as a day patient and can be done just with a local anaesthetic although I always ask for sedation, I had one done January and was in hospital the whole day, they didn’t let me out until 10 o’clock at night, you do have to lie on your side for a few hours after it

Wish I knew!! . I am pretty sure Kate50 is correct though :).


Hi Chelle, I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law's condition. When I was diagnosed with tumours on the liver I received a load of bumph about cancer so I think they do this as a matter of course. My tumours turned out to be benign, and two other these were burnt off using the Liver Ablation treatment. It's hard to know if the tumours are cancerous or not, and most hospitals don't like carryout a biopsy as this can sometimes cause any untreated cells to break away and travel elsewhere in the body.

Does your Father-in-law have any cancer anywhere else? I mean could this be a secondary cancer?

I had five tumours in total, and I had three of these burnt off before I had my transplant. Try not to worry hun. Like we've said before, The "C" word stands for CAKE.

Good Luck.


Different hospitals seem to do different things, I've had two at King's, I was kept in and the 2nd was to test for rejection after transplant so was on the ward. There was a guy bought in whilst I was on the ward for biopsy and he was kept in. If it is done early enough in the day then they would probably do it in a day, but it wipes you sideways, well it did me, the next day I was fine, still a little sore but okay.

I knew result fairly quickly, the CNS nurse I originally had rang, but again this will vary from unit to unit.

Hi Chelle,

When Al had her biopsy it took about a week to get the results.

She was sedated but in a lot of pain for some time afterwards, in the right hand side and also in her shoulder mainly.

Might be an idea to take an overnight bag just in case.

Hope it all works out.

my biopsy was done as a day visit my skin was frozen in a small area and a samples taken...

i then had to lie still for quite a few hours... so if its like mine it he will hopefully home at the end of the day.

i was not sedated.. but of course it may be different.

best bet... ring the dept he's going to and they will tell you what the procedure is...

try not to worry about the results... mine were a week or two... they will tell him when they know..he may be right... but it won't change anything.

best wishes cazer.

Mine was day case, no sedation, lovely doc managed to get my diaphragm so I had breathing problems afterwards and was on morphine for the rest of the day, horrible experience.

Thanks guys for your input. After talking to him and the mother in law today he’s actually got liver and lymph node cancer....he’s not having a biopsy he’s going in for a treatment meeting....

I think trying to tell people yesterday was a bit more difficult that he expected x

Millie09 in reply to Chelle_

So sorry chelle.. i can relate to all of this with my own dad. Sending you all positive wishes hun xxx


You all take care. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Morning All. Thought I would offer an update, so there is a tumour in the middle of his liver and they plan on going in and cutting it out, taking away the lymph nodes around the liver too. Potentially radiation after but that looks like that's it. You and I all know that this is never the case but they made it sound quite smooth! We shall see.

So that's where we are at! Who knows where we will be in 6 months time!

Hope all goes as smooth as they say chelle. Xxxx

Who is that Chelle your husband??

Chelle_ in reply to vulnerable

No my other half’s Dad.

vulnerable in reply to Chelle_

Oh hope it goes well x

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