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Hi everyone it's Julie. Update on my endoscopy yesterday. Hope your all ok and thanks for the good luck messages. After 2 hour journey got there and got checked in. Saw my hepatologist walking round, after finishing with a patient. My named nurse struggled with cannula on hand for sedation but did it then it was my turn. Counted 8 people in theatre. Had throat spray and sedation. Seemed like forever, lots of wrenching and done. Hepatologist on my request checked for ASCITIES tapping abdo and checking ankles and I do have it. Increased Spironolactane and possible drain when he sees me in 4 weeks. Endoscopy found 5 varicies, 1 middle of oesophagus, 1 lower, 1 cardia, a small bleed in Antrim and 1 in duodenum. Arranged for scan on Liver. Leaving varicies for 6 months. So, lots of hospital appointments to come. Thanks for your good wishes. Thanks for listening

Julie xx

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  • words fall short. love and prayers. god bless you. hugs and more hugs. love grace xoxo 🤗

  • Hi Grace, what a lovely kind message, thank you. Are you okay, I hope so. Feel relieved that yesterday is done for 6 months but hospital appointments keep on coming

    Love julie xx

  • thanks jules im fine. your going through so much. im sure you will be taking good care of yourself.. much love ❤️🙏 and prayers

  • so happy for you jules ,,that did sound like a long day ,,,the cannula in the hand can be a pain ive had a few ,,,my viens seem to see the nurse coming and vanish lol,,,good to hear your on the mend ,,,,take it easy matthew xoxo

  • Hi Matt, how did you get on this week. Thanks for reading my posts. Bit of an uphill struggle, as you know you get an ailment sorted only to find something else wrong. I'll be glad to get rid of ascities as I look pregnant and I don't eat rubbish.

    Look after yourself

    Love julie xx

  • Hi Julie, after my frantic message to you last Friday, my day was almost identical to yours unbelievably! Tuesday was pre-assessment and yesterday rush endoscopy, my veins were also in hiding, but glad it's over for a few weeks until more appointments start. No varices found, so clear to go for blood thinning despite the low platelets. Which hospital were you in? Best wishes to you, Karen x

  • Hi Karen, same as you with loads of appointments due. We will keep Royal Mail busy! Was seeing hepatologist again in January but it's 4 wèeks time then a scan, then possible drain of ascities as day case. I went to The Royal Gwent Hospital approx 2 hours away. Hepatologist is based there but I see him in clinic at Pontypool and treatment normally at Nevill Hall hosp in Abergavenny. So a trip to see hepatologist in 4 weeks at Pontypool and scan at Abergavenny so my care is all over Wales. My platelet count is 51 and normal starts at 150 but he wasn't bothered.

    Nice chatting again, keep well

    Love julie xx

  • jules ,,my week is ok so far ,,i did go see the dr about my pain and twitching and a little burning sensation in hands etc ,,i was there for sometime just broke down and said look i need something ,,i gave her the name of meds you described and some others ,,,she was concerned at the pain and said ok ,,well try you on amitriptyline its an antidepressant ...i said i dont need that ,,but she reassured me it will work it does many jobs aswell as its main function,,so ill give it a go ,,so far nothing special but its early days ,,,its only been 3 still have pain in every joint ,,,,,but im coping,,,,your posts are great i love them ,,,,now ascites jules that was a horrible thing for me but i seem to have it under control,,adema was and is a pain also ,,,,this is what i take im 6,1 tall about 106 kilo,,meds are spiro 2 100mg furosemide 1 44mg and that makes me pee for england ,,i dont have the belly anymore ,,,spiro on its own with me didnt work atall add the furosemide and bobs your uncle,,furisomide btw reduces your sodium salt content which helps ...thiamine and vitB1 strong are the others ,,you should be able to reduce the belly if you get your water pills sorted,,,,, i was very thorough with my meds i dont miss any and reduce my water intake if things feel funny,,,,,,ive written alot here but i want to help,,,,hope i did ,,ttfn Matthew

  • Hi again, thanks for letting me know how you got on at the doctors. Poor you but at least doctor is trying something but don't leave it too long if tablets are not working. I can't get my head around my ascities. I do take furosimide and have done since liver first failed in 2010 and Spiro. Ever time I've been to doctor, even though stomach big, no fluid found, the same with hepatologist out patient appointments but yesterday while I was lying down I mentioned it and bingo! It's as if the fluid hides when they do the tapping of the stomach test. My last ultrasound showed nodules, lesions and small amount of fluid in the liver itself so he's organised another scan so I got a lot of benefits from yesterday's appointment. I'm happy you read my posts and I look forward to reading your words of wisdom! I do hope you have a nice weekend and feel free to message me anytime

    Love Julie x

  • Did you notice your right nipple becoming sensitive with the Spiro?

  • No, I didn't


  • Well done, I bet that's a relief it's all done for now. Hopefully drain will make you feel better ascites is so uncomfortable. Take care 😃

  • Thanks for reply, getting Thursday out of the way was a relief and hope I get drained soon.

    Best wishes, love Julie xx

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